Family man patriarchy remix (Guile strategy thread)



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    congrats on confusing the shit out of this guy.
  • moocusmoocus internets? Joined: Posts: 869
    you "like" confusing new players?
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    I thought I was clear on my explanation to him. Although it probably doesn't help that I'm talking about the same topic with two different people.

    On a side note, cr.short x sonic boom actually works at point blank. You can even do cr.short ~ st.short x sonic boom. It seems that if you do it at a further distance, the sonic boom won't connect on hit.
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    Anybody from the good ol days remember these guys. TO13GO13 and Fifth were incredible, too solid lol. I wish they came back.
  • MarsflashMarsflash BGG BITCHES!! Joined: Posts: 401
    More Vids of TO13GO13

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    Hey fellow Guile players. I just started up playing this game (going back to street fighter roots), and I'm writing a blog to track my progress. I kinda doubt there is anything new in there, but there are some strategy tidbits (including a pretty comprehensive analysis of the Ryu matchup, more to follow). Also, some of my reflections on play sessions, and my though process on how to deal with some stuff I see in my matches. Could help someone out someday, or could be entertaining for some vets to follow the progress of a scrub. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Here's the link:

    BTW, my PSN is carn114 if anyone wants any matches.
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