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Issues with GGPO

FIERCEtotheFEINTFIERCEtotheFEINT Joined: Posts: 30
I'm experiencing this weird problem where i cant seem to join games; but im capable of spectating them? 
Some input would be nice. 

Sorry if this is topic is in the wrong spot but I dont know where else to post this...


  • xX_Deus_XxxX_Deus_Xx ItsCool2BeDismissive Joined: Posts: 2,579
    same. :(
    Have fun, and be safe with it.

    Just kidding. Fuck shit up.
  • iminthenet2iminthenet2 Joined: Posts: 497
    edited October 2013
    I just created my GGPO username, but I can't log into GGOP to play online games. WTF?

    EDIT: Never Mind, I finally logged into GGPO.
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  • TruPatriotxTruPatriotx Adon c.mp it up! Joined: Posts: 55
    i created my ggpo account, but cant log in to ggpo to play online. I can though use the offline version. anyone able to help me out?

    TruPatriotx never die...
  • JedahsMinistryJedahsMinistry BattousaiCV Joined: Posts: 542
    What error do you get? Nothing happens? If so, do you have any firewall or anti-virus program that might be unintentionally blocking it?
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