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I havent been on xbox live for a couple of months. Who is the top dog with thier respectful chracter at the moment? Im sure DGV still is with Ryu.
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    moving to the hdr section
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    How active is the XBL HDR community compared to PSN?
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    Both seem to have a small, but dedicated, still around playing the game. It seems a lot of people have taken to playing in private rooms as opposed to rank or endless though.

    As far as top level players, I can't tell you on HDR, but I can tell you who is for offline ST competition. Kind of the same thing really.
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    Imma play HDR til they shut the servers down.

    Not looking forward to it, I never figured out how to configure port forwarding and QoS on my ADSL connection.

    They put the kibosh on the last top players thread on account of drama. Which I thought was a shame, they were kind of like stock tickers for player development.
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    ^ When HDR goes offline, I'm just going to move onto other SFs and pray for a PS4 SF2. =[
    Whats the deal with hd remix for ps4 and xbox one? Is the game not gonna be playable for either system? I dont owe either one so I dont know much about whats going on with both systems.
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    Dunno but hopefully something happens...
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    DGV is definitely still top Ryu. Lots of good players coming in from Japan as well.
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