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hi i'm looking for some sparring partners that are also new to fighting games. I've been playing for about a month now and I mainly play SSFIV AE, Injustice, and UMvC3. i'm really looking for people on my skill level for street fighter and marvel because playing those online can be quite frustrating when new. i'll play anyone in injustice as well but I am actually quite good at that game. so please feel free to add me I play often and if you ever want to play a few matches I would be more than happy to oblige
gt is triggatre18
I look forward to fighting you!
XBL GT: triggatre18


  • HugohugeHugohuge Joined: Posts: 6
    Whereabouts do you live?
  • HugohugeHugohuge Joined: Posts: 6
    As in country or city. I read back the first comment, and it sounded mega creepy. Lol
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    Following the above post, where do you live? I would offer my services, but no one really likes to have laggy gameplay.
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    If anyone wants to to spar and practice send me a friend request on xbl my gamer tag is darkhadotone. i need i alot of practice especially with my
  • DumbGuyontheInternetDumbGuyontheInternet Joined: Posts: 6
    I live in southeastern US if anyone wants a fellow noob to play with (SSFIV AE)

    GT: NapoleonKomplex
  • white_boy_wastedwhite_boy_wasted Joined: Posts: 7
    im a noob and in need of some training lol

    XBL GT: drunk g1rl
  • Carnage_24Carnage_24 Joined: Posts: 24
    I am also a noob. Let me know if you want to run matches

    GT: iG Valient
    Gamertag: Y1 Nightwing
    USFIV: Dudley
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    In need of a mentor.
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    I live in UK and i'm C rank(Only been playing for a month) not sure if that means i'm a noob but hey add me GT:UltraBlake
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    I don't have AE, just SSFIV, but if anyone wants to train with me my GT is lukexcore. I'm from the upper midwest, and I blow hard.
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  • ZerberusKnightZerberusKnight Joined: Posts: 27
    I'm getting ahold of those games soon, I'll gladly give you a match when they arrive!
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  • ProfoundHateProfoundHate Joined: Posts: 39
    Need a ultra SFIV practice partner on 360 . lukexcore is still the tag.
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  • reesejubalreesejubal Joined: Posts: 2
    I have all 3. Pretty noobish on all. Mot1ve1017
  • plamatontoplamatonto Joined: Posts: 58
    plamatonto steam; USF4, MK9, Injustice, pretty good
    xbox360gamer tag: papuski(very noob got the game yesterday, wanna learn it)
  • ZanyZany FGC Noobie Joined: Posts: 14
    I'm in Texas and always down for sparring online, GT: ZanyFiddler
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