Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus - PSN question

dav3ybdav3yb Quarter ManJoined: Posts: 1,120
I noticed that this game is on PSN now. at least it seems to have a buy option on the website. I wonder if anyone has picked this up and if it suffers from issues similar to that of CvS2. I'd like to be able to just to download it instead of hunting a ps2 disc at the present.


  • OneSanitariumOneSanitarium BASARA Joined: Posts: 1,485
    The game was actually ported to the PS360, it even has an update to AC+R. Unless you're looking at PS2 classics, in which case I didn't know it was added to that? I'm pretty sure you're looking at the actual game though.

    It has less input delay than the actual PS2 versions on PS3!
  • dav3ybdav3yb Quarter Man Joined: Posts: 1,120
    Ok, thanks. i was just wondering if it had the same kind of horrible issues i had heard about CvS2 when it was put onto PSN.
  • HecatomHecatom Aka Black Gorilla (・Д・)ノ Joined: Posts: 24,325
    Just for you to know, with the ps3 version you have access to GGAC & GGAC+R, the game is running at the correct framerate of 60fps and not above 60fps like the ps2 version
    You get access to netplay (but is a hit or miss) and there is not any of the problems that the ps2 classic suffer for being emulated instead of being ports :tup:
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