Plinking / Tsuji-Style: KARA BUFFER Inputs for Easier Links and More!



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    breaking my fingers on this.
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    I had a friend of mine test a couple of questions I had about plinking on his copy of Arcade Edition on PC. What we found was, it seems the game has a 2 frame window for plinking. What this means is that there is a "perfect plink" where you get a desired input on frames 1 and 2, and an "imperfect plink" where you get the desired input on frames 1 and 3 but nothing on frame 2. This means you can actually drop a 1f link that you hit 1f too early if you did the plink imperfectly. However, the the game input display will still show both of these as the same plink, so you wouldn't be able to differentiate it unless you could count frames or something.
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    Stuff like this makes me very nervous to play SF. Im new to this game so it seems after I get the basics down Im still going to have to find a way to do crazy button tapping. I dont understand why Capcom had to add this mechanic because it makes it that much less appealing for new players. Which makes me sad because SF looks like a really fun and awesome game.
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