Southwest SSFIV:AE v2012, UMVC3, STHDR, BB:CS2, T6, 3S:OE, MK, KOF XIII on XBOX LIVE!



  • Pcutta24Pcutta24 PHS Sharknado Joined: Posts: 36
    XBL GT: Pcutta24
    Houston TX
  • DukAmokDukAmok Fan of Nujabes Joined: Posts: 62
    XBL: DukAmok SRK
    Houston, TX

    Add me Texas.
    "Somebody's shoved a red-hot poker up our ass, and I want to know whose name is on the handle!"
    -Mr. Pink
    XBL: DukAmok SRK
    SSF4AE: Rufus
  • madocmadoc XBL: Clutch City 95 Joined: Posts: 569
    XBL: Clutch City 95

    Mostly SSF4AE
  • P.Y.TP.Y.T Joined: Posts: 282
    XBL: XoxydeX

    MVC3: Team PYT aka everyone in the game haha

    hit me up... if u need combo's im more then willing to show yall some on whoever u main.. PEACE!!
  • SpikeSpike Joined: Posts: 72
    ekipz XBL

  • Sinister-XSinister-X Rodolfo Alaniz Joined: Posts: 2,085
    Updated 7/2/11
  • Ch ch ch chongerCh ch ch chonger Joined: Posts: 2
    XBL: chrishongrocks
    Just playing SSFIV: AE for now.
    Chun Li and Sagat player in Colorado just trying to get better. I'm usually on around 8 - 11 PM MST. Hit me up! I need the practice...
  • cephas82cephas82 Joined: Posts: 156
    LeeCephas (Austin, TX)
    xbox gamertag - LeeCephas
    3S - Dudley
    SF4 - Viper
  • Auti0Auti0 Joined: Posts: 11
    Auti0 (Ft. Worth, TX)
    XBL/GFWL: Auti0 PSN: Shin_Athanatos
    3s: Urien/Makato Sf4: Dictator/Dudley MvC3 : Chris/Haggar/Doom
    BB: Tager GG: Baiken
  • musikgeniusmusikgenius Joined: Posts: 45
    XBL musikgenius
    San Antonio, TX
    XBL: Ninja musik g
    "No greater sacrifice than someone else's"
  • KDpSPKDpSP Joined: Posts: 3
    KDpSP (KDpSP- Shreveport, Louisiana)
  • Reborn 210Reborn 210 Joined: Posts: 13
    add me ReBoRn 210 mvc 3 zero/deadpool/sentinel and can someone explain what this is for again? lol
  • mjaden44mjaden44 Joined: Posts: 4
    E Hero Jay ( San Antonio TX)
  • AmpAmp Joined: Posts: 533
    XBL/GFWL: Amperture
    You'll more than likely find me on PC version at any given time, but call me out and I'll be glad to set the Xbox up.
    Austin, TX
    Pretty much only A.E. right now. Waitin' on dat Skullgirls though.
    GFWL/XBL: Amperture
    Yes, I play on keyboard. Get yourself a KBC Poker.
    Looking for a good keyboard -> console converter.
  • No_CigarNo_Cigar close but....... Joined: Posts: 2,173
    XBL: THIS IS RJ (with spaces between words)
    Edinburg/RGV, TX

    I play ssf4 ae, mvc3, and umvc3 and skull girls when they come out.

    SSF4: Gen, DJ, others
    MVC3: Skrull-Trish-IM, Dante-X23-Akuma
    · "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • alexnalexn Joined: Posts: 7
    XBL: alexonly
    3RD strike
    San Antown
  • thecrowinhtownthecrowinhtown Top Tier Whore! Joined: Posts: 52
    The Crow
    (city of houston)
    EVO 2005 TEKKEN 5 CHAMPION !!!!
    EVO 2006 TEKKEN 5 CHAMPION !!!!
  • IjojoIIjojoI Joined: Posts: 222
    Add me!

    XBL tag = jchantra
    Area = Minneapolis, MN (I just moved here but I lived in Houston for a good amount of time)
    SSF4, MK9, MvC3, Tekken 6
  • Devan DronetDevan Dronet Joined: Posts: 1
    GT: ddropnbombs
    Sfa4ae: chun
    Just made the jump from pad to stick.
    Mic: yes
    Area: Lake Charles LA
  • mjaden44mjaden44 Joined: Posts: 4
    yo me too
    XBox Live: E Hero Jay
  • NinicismNinicism It's Alex Joined: Posts: 249
    I got KoF and the net code is ass. So, is there anyone more local that has the game, so I can actually get a playable connection?
  • BrowardBroward Joined: Posts: 78
    Posting anew to update the games I've got...

    GT: UTBroward
    SF IV AE (Abel / Adon)
    UMvC3 (No definitive team)
    KoF 13 (Joe / King / Random)

    I'm not stellar by any means but I'm up for matches to try and level my game back up..
  • CloserDivisionCloserDivision Psycho Power! Joined: Posts: 46
    XBL: CloserDivision
    I'd love to find some people to play with... SSF4, UMVC3, KoFXIII, or any folks in Utah for meetup play.
  • BUM BA KLATT512BUM BA KLATT512 Joined: Posts: 33
    this is exactaly what i was looking for
    xbl gt: BUM BA KLATT512
    loc: Austin

    been looking for better players to level up with and some other people to learn from
  • Tye@lTye@l Plays every 2D beat-em-up Joined: Posts: 137
    GT - Tyeal // SRK - Tye@l // Las Vegas, NV
    Not much locally going on out here in the desert. EVO is about the only thing but that's only once a year. Open to AE 2012, UMvC3, SFxT and KOF XIII.
    I may not be the most knowledgeable fighter, or the most experienced. But I like to help and offer whatever advice I can, when I can.
  • Maximo254Maximo254 Worst person EVER!!!! >:) Its mod-like!!! Joined: Posts: 1,207
    GT: Maximo254

    Umvc3,3s, soon to be skull girls and phantom breaker.

    Location: killeen, tx
    What you need is a racoon......suckas
  • Shogun1002Shogun1002 Joined: Posts: 5
    GT: Shogun1002

    I tend to play AE and Sf x Tekken, and I'm from Cleburne, Texas.
  • RyyudoRyyudo Shaquatch Joined: Posts: 52
    GT: RyyudoYHB

    Games: KoFXIII, Skullgirls, VF5FS

    Always looking to play KoFXIII(!!!). If you see me online and doing something else, go ahead and invite me anyway. Completely new to VF in general, so don't look for good competition there. ;)
  • KetsuiKetsui Soul Fists... total KO! Joined: Posts: 13
    Gamertag: Ketsui Storm from Killeen, TX ^_^

    Skullgirls (still learning): Filia/Valentine
    UMvC3: Tron/Frank West or Ryu/Morrigan
    still learning in KoF

    I'm not one to get annoyed at all when playing fighting games. I just play to improve. If anyone wants to play, just send an invite. I don't bite LOL
    ~Fall for that Lunch Rush! +_+
  • Class RealClass Real Joined: Posts: 484
    Gamertag: Class Real
    Location: Lafayette, Louisiana

    I play AE and UMvC3 right now, but I can play a bit of MK9 and SFxT. Looking forward to P4U.
    USFIV: Juri, Elena
    SFV: Juri, R.Mika
    UMvC3: X-23/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu
  • eli alvarezeli alvarez xbl: eli alvarez Joined: Posts: 7
    gamertag: eli alvarez
    location: Dilley, Texas (during the summer, it's my hometown but i got to school in ohio)

    i play umvc3, sf2hdr, third strike, and willing to play anything on xbox 360

    let me know what's up especially if you are in the 830-area code
  • MetalxHealthxMetalxHealthx Joined: Posts: 1,109
    FT5 Hsien88
    SF4: Gen, Dudley, Adon
    KoF13: Billy, Clark, Kim, Ryo, Terry
    VF5: Brad, Jacky, Lau
  • steeltoedloaferssteeltoedloafers Joined: Posts: 22
    Xbl Steeltoedsandal
    AE sfxt and I'm learning p4a and kof
  • LuxureousLuxureous Joined: Posts: 2
    You guys can add me
    Luxureous, Corpus Christi, Texas
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