Music in this classic SFA3 combo video

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Anyone know which song (the 2nd one) i know the intro was Ken theme from SF Image album CD) was used in this awesome video by V-ryu?

This question has been asked so many times, but no one knows...



  • sfmaniacsfmaniac \m/ Joined: Posts: 126
    I pm'ed v-ryu and he said the title of the song is "Gerbera". He forgot the band name... anyone know? They only had 1 song demo tape and disappeared!
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    Two seconds in google: MUCC - Gerbera, I think.
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  • sfmaniacsfmaniac \m/ Joined: Posts: 126
    Nah it's not the song... but awesome song tho!

    V-ryu told me it was an old demo tape of j-rock band that broke up. I'll probably never find lol!
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    looks like the last combo was stitched 4:24 timer goes back like 5secs :l
    thought v-ryu could do more, just a random note here from me :F
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    hahaha.. nice find
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  • sfmaniacsfmaniac \m/ Joined: Posts: 126
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    Finally got the tape... It's the band REAL and the song is correctly Gerbera.

    The tape is so old that the quality has degraded.. dang.
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