I can't be the only one that thought they were the best TTT2 player ever upon first time playing

Surge101Surge101 Joined: Posts: 115
Alright, so madcatz had that sale on their inventory of wii u fightsticks for $60, so I had to pick it up, regardless of if i was going to keep it for Wii U or mod it. I never played TTT2 and I see it selling for around $10-15, so I decide to pick it up for Wii U. So this was my first time playing the game today, and I hop on offline mode. However, I notice that there are usernames during the matches with wins and losses. I go ahead and assume I left on an online join in mode or something on similar to Street Fighter, I'm also destroying everyone. Without ever playing this game before. I think i'm the greatest ever, i'm going to master this game and become number 1 ranked overnight. Until I finish the game and realize that the usernames are all simulated in the offline mode.

Tell me i'm not the only one, that for a brief moment, thought they were really good at this game off the bat.


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    set the difficulty to the hardest option and play the arcade mode. if you haven't raged atleast once befor beating the final boss...

    however i got a little confused by the random names, wins and loses too, although i didn't take them for actual real players.
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