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  • DannyBoyPERU
    Hey bro how are you?

    I was wondering, if you could mod my stick ( Xbox360 Hori Fighting Edge ) for Ps4, do you work on the FE model too ?

    How much would it be?

    Thanks a lot
    March 28
  • deejaycrib
    hello i hope you fine, and do not disturb u with my question / suggestion

    i have hori FE Xbox 360, i have PS360+ too i want to dual mode keep/safe Leds/tactil panel

    can u make full tutorial to dual mod PLEASE
    (sorry for my inglish i'm from France)

    thanks again kinds regards
    March 1
  • merkyofayceMF
    Emailed you about the Q4RAF project and another stick. Possibly in the market for PS2 > Xbone project box if that's at all possible.
    February 24
  • xpulse
    I saw on your twitter feed that you have a bunch of empty PS4 (and I'm assuming PS3?) shells. Just wondering what it might cost me for a Blue PS4, and possibly a Blue and Red PS3 if you have those. I can possibly trade for something as well.
    February 19
    • Gummo
      I only have ds4 shells. You just want one?
  • pimp2303
    Gummo can you mod a PS3 Hori Fighting Edge to be dual modded with all systems (x360, x1, and ps4)? If so how much would it cost? And how long would it take? Also are you around LA, NY, Chi, or Miami because I will be visiting those cities starting in March.
    February 11
    • Gummo
      Yes I can. It would be $360. Would take 2-3 days Depending on my workload. A couple hours at tournaments if I prepped the mod. I'll be in Chicago for Combo Breaker.
  • Johnnycan
    Do you have a pic tutorial? Sorry for my inglish i from spain
    February 10
  • Johnnycan
    Gummo can i dual mod fighting edge 360 full panel tactil with pcb hori fps ps4?
    February 10
  • Gummo was promoted to Level 5.
    January 17
  • Beaps

    I am interested in a pad hack for ps4 if you do them. Do they connect via USB or are they Bluetooth, any more info would be appriciated

    December 2014
  • Gummo changed his profile picture.
    December 2014