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Merkyl999x · Crazy X-23 Guy · ✭✭✭✭✭


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    January 15
  • danimitsu
    oh hey i sent u a FB invite i hope its the right person. we can talk on there much easier. to ur questions i run CS manily.

    my midscreen combo hard tag is basic fly combo with mag cause anymore to much hsd. its pretty much the only reliable i found. u cant do champs bnb into it to much hsd -(.

    October 2014
  • Definitely, I'm all for working together (I actually plan to put a tech vid for the team together soon.)

    What's the combo you use for midscreen hard tag to Dante, if you don't mind sharing? That's one of the options I haven't labbed yet.

    The main things I've been focused on lately is optimized combos from all the characters on point.

    Also, do you run AS or CS with X23?

    My YT is under merkyl999x, too and I put most of my tech and match vids up there.

    X23 is hands down my best character, at this point, I think my mags is better than my Dante, but both of them still need some real work.

    Feel free to hmu on FB if you wanna talk shop. I'm Kyle Ryan Banks on there.
    October 2014
  • danimitsu
    Hey bud im from az im im old school marvel player havent played in awhile i use to play with fizzycups and angelic all the time.. anyways i see u play the team i play also mag/x23/dante.. i thought we could compare notes.. ive been really labing this team as latley. i have a strong magneto but my x23 and dante are kinda ass lol.. im very good at mags tac inf i rarley ever miss it.. i love how this team can do 1 hit 1 tac and thats game. if i hit in corner i usaully raw tag x23 tac back to mag. and for midscreen i do fly combo knock down raw tag dante, and demon up and tac back to mag. ive been really succsesful with it.. right now im working on a nasty incoming with mag/jam ill let u know what i come up with.. but anyways i thought we could talk about how to make are team better -).. alright later man
    October 2014