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Shabrout · ✭✭✭

Easy, it's just @Fullpunish as I said in the post.


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  • OrochiDemon
    Honestly, you have one of the greatest avatars of all time.
    December 2013
    • Shabrout
      I don't, I stealed it from someone else I think, needed a quick one when first registered here and just googled it. =)
      But it rocks yeah :-D
  • Shabrout, onyx, Roooster, bbb and m16ghost were promoted to Level 3.
    November 2013
  • Easy, it's just @Fullpunish as I said in the post.
    October 2013
  • Nemesys_Syndrome
    Can I ask what your twitter is so that I may help share this app?
    October 2013
  • Nevermore
    Your macro sounds pretty neat. I'd like to mess around with it.
    August 2013
    • Shabrout
      Easy, go download and install autohotkey on their website.
      Then download this archive :!H5ZxDCLD!FJbSRnwFAblRYr3yDbjEa1PN9-cnXBITBwyiEmnFfm8

      Extract the text files inside, the 2 .ahk files. common.ahk isn't a script it's a list of shortcuts methods I use in the main script. You don't launch this one, but it have to be here in the same folder of the said good script "Akuma...ahk".

      Edit this script "Akuma_F.throw..." with a text editor, and read it.

      Exit a script is done by closing this green icon in tray bar.
      If you edit the script you need to relaunch it.

      How it works : the script will listen to you stick button to start a sequence. I programmed the L2 button (the last button on a stick layout after the HK), an unused button very handy so I can keep pushing button in training without launching the script if I don't want to. So just grab the dummy with this L2 button in your inputs (lp-lk-l2), and if the timing are good in the script, the dummy will do a reversal of your choice. If you don't push L2 in your grab you will test your meaty on a neutral wakeup, very handy no ?