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MarkMan · FOR THE COMMUNITY! · mod


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  • se7en
    What up Mark Man? Do you know if Mad Catz is selling the LED PCB for the TE 2. I looked in there Web Site but could not find it. Do you know where I could get one? Thanks
    April 22
  • MightyWalrus
    Hey MarkMan. I was wondering, how good is Mad Catz's warranty policy? My stick just came in last Saturday, but the square button suddenly stopped working. I tried unplugging and plugging it back in and restarting my ps3, but nothing worked. If you could reply as soon as you can that'd be great.
    March 24
  • AtLaS808
    HI MarkMan,
    i'm a gamer from morocco,i've already sent you an email long time ago,asking if MCZ has some policy toward north africa market,i have a TE but i cant describe the pain i had to get it,plz try something cause there are many people interested in your brand,make it easy to reach for us.
    January 17
  • JSutherland
    I have been trying to order 2 of the KI TE2 fightsticks since the day it was put up for pre order. I have continued to receive the "exception when submitting order" message. Everything is correct with the info. I spoke with two different madcatz represenatives today and was told to make sure the address was the same for billing and shipping and it would work. Well; I did that and still receiving the same message. What is the problem?
    October 2013