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"The first game played was Street Fighter and Apple was having so much fun just pressing buttons over and over. We watched the fighter that Apple was moving doing all these crazy moves and shooting fireballs. Phil seemed to really get into it, but he was kind of mean to Apple saying that she was stupid and should stop mashing or something. Then he complained that his controller was broken, but they awarded Apple the first point anyway." DSP vs. Apple the monkey


Shadow Ace
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  • RockBogart
    A quick translation and other bits I've read:
    Avatar creation is for the online elements
    The guide doesn't say who Ishmael is. Konami and Kojima Production asked to not reveal it. It will be revealed in an optional mission after the main story has ended
    50 main missions
    157 optional missions
    Quiet will leave you after mission 43 and to finish her story you will have to find her after the main one is over STORY SPOILERS HERE
    The last mission is against the Metal Gear controlled by "the floating kid"
    Yong was right. There is some kind of infection. Skull Face has it. Code Talker has the cure. It was in the bio of Skull face, I stopped reading because it would be too spoilery
    Quiet goes to the hospital to kill Big Boss and speaks
    BIG SPOILER The guide refers to the protagonist as Ahab and a DNA test says he and Eli are NOT related
    The fire guy is Volgin. You have to get his body in chapter 2
    Direct translation HUGE SPOILER "When Ahab meets the ghost of Paz the first time at Mother Base, there are clearly TWO versions of Big Boss on the chopper"
    The medic and Ishmael are the same person. Probably the real Big Boss, but I don't want to read more
    Pictures of the last 2 missions:
    Pictures of the Boss pages and bonus costume:
    The bosses are Skulls (Fog version mission 1 and 6, Armored version mission 16, 29 and extreme 37, 42), Camo version mission 28, 46), Quiet (mission 11 and 40 extreme), Man on fire (prologue and mission 20), Eli (mission 23 and optional 113), Sahelanthropous (mission 12, 31, 50 extreme)
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