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  • m_abdalla3
    Hey bro i really liked your review on the golden fanta kit with the Taeyoung, in about 3 weeks time i am going to go through with modding a panthera to fit korean sticks, using the 309Mj atm and it is all i know, with the A3 switches and 35 gromett and it has been pretty good to me.

    I've been bouncing back between you and Zero's personal experience and i'm used to the short throw of the 309 MJ, i will definetly be using the 35 gromett with the Tae.

    could you give a more in depth of your latest experience with the kit? I think i am leaning more towards 9mm or the 10mm (since i'm used to the short throw) and the 15mm actuator or 15.5mm. I'm so anal with these things and its such a pain in the ass taking things apart and putting them back again :P But i'm just waiting until the end of exams to get my hands on it all and have just been reading up alot on all this.

    Would appreciate your recent findings and feel with the kit, and what microswitches have you been using? A2 or A3?
    October 16
    • Marios
      Glad i could help man , i am pretty new to tekken and arcade sticks myself dont get me wrong , am 3 months in into all this genre as for fighting games and playing with arcade sticks hehe.i know your pain i have the same with puting them in screw and unscrew all the time trust me i feel you. I Have been part ways for most of the golden fanta latetly because i stoped messing with the taeyoung wich i really needed something to be done , i bought few other sticks and ive been stuck with Kaze lever version 2 with panasonic microswitches , it treats me well but not perfect and few korean friends i have and saw how i play and how i use my hands told me to get Fujin Lever, i have a friend from Korea shipping me a Fujin lever as we speak cant wait. i really really really wanna try a good 309 MJ HelpMe lever but am scared of buying one because the korean reviews are bashing it so much they even put Kaze mod the newest version of 309 because how bad the diagonals were . so i dont know i am trying to find people that can lend me a lever to try otu before i buy because alot of Pros play with the 309 Mj Help me but i guess its moded.and yea about the shafts i still am battling what i like most 9mm or 10mm but since i ve played Kazuya only so far i couldnt tell that the levers were helding me backs from EWGFS when as of 2 days ago i picked Devil Jin and i was like WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY EWGFS ???? and i realised that i am doing ewgfs with f,n,df+2 most of the times instead of the full d,df+2 motion and i found out that the 10mm shaft were stoping me, took my 9mm shaft from golden fanta installed it and things got solved, i have abit of slower wavedash for some reason but i guess ill get used to it its not big deal and as for gameplay slower and cleaner might be better than fast and not controllable.Anything else feel free to ask.
    • m_abdalla3
      Fair enough man, i'm new to the korean stick of things and 3D but pretty experienced with the Jap sticks so i'm just picky in general.That was perfect, yeah i get exactly what you mean with the df+2, i always play P1 to improve my execution, P2 i hardly make errors, but i had the same problem i would need to revist training mode to make sure i'm doing clean input haha, but yeah the 309mj jap mount has a really short throw. Yeah the diagonals were really bad until i changed to the A3 switch.

      Hmm maby the Fujin would be worth giving a shot. I've only seen the fujin on makestick, and the taeyoung on etokki and shipping is just so much money, would be good if i can get a helpme, fujin and taeyoung all in once place, would you know of such a place?

      With your current golden setup of the Taeyoung would you find that was your favourite? Or the Kaze more preferred? and do the Kaze and Fujin use the same shape gromets as the Taeyoung?
      Do you know where i could get a set of the AM5 switches aswell? What switches have you tried so far?
      Thanks again
  • m_abdalla3
    I like to use mishimias generally too
    October 16