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  • I got some more findings , some were really stupid so excuse me but at least it helped me so i gotta share ..... So ... i managed to solve my wobling and twirling around on my Fujin and it wasnt the actual bushings problem.... it was the actuators …
  • Yeah Fujin v2 is one of the best levers ive used so far aswell , after using one to master what ever i can in the game , i can say its really a great lever the issues with it is it fatiques you pretty fast , recently i bought 2 more fujin levers for…
  • @zero_requiem do you have panasonic microswitches btw ? i am trying to search what is a "real" panasonic microswitch look like cant find anything , i thought i had on my kaze v1 and v2 but apparently they are am5's
  • @Nostromo21 yes down input is the up as you looking the bottom of the stick , bad in qcf and backdash motions cant explain it , you gotta try it and you will see , zero_requiem had the same issue he also replaced the down input with an A2 i guess it…
  • @Nostromo21 i tried it and zero_requiem did a break down few pages back (october) of the lever for measurments . Out of the box the lever is really bad for mishimas i dont know for the rest of the cast . but if you switch the down input microswitch …
  • @wazwuz i pmed i hope you see it
  • @wazwuz i hope you saw my msg and saved one for me . shall i msg you ?
  • Foook ... didnt know he was making those , and already a package is on the way ! DAMN he should have told me i guess ill make another order . tell me how it feels . i want to try 7mm shaft and 14.5 actuator i think thats my go to . @zero_requiem al…
  • @zero_requiem diffrent size of shafts ?
  • After of months of testing attending tournaments asking koreans making them use the golden fanta actuators , yes they are definatly good quality but the weight that is added to it effects the players hands and in most cases it hinders the gameplay ,…
  • @zero_requiem how did you make the actuators fit the golden fanta shaft ?
  • @kkolding I was in korea at the green arcades with JustFog and Bohee ( for helping and translating proposes ) , for negotiating purposes i even went up and seriously said 1k euro for the lever and the old guy still refused . so i dont know exactly h…
  • @zero_requiem get online on steam hehe .
  • @wazwuz i think airbag started the idea am not sure . count me in about the green lever mods .
  • I really dont know how he got the green lever , i was in korea few weeks ago and i was begging the owner to sell me one i even offered 1000 euro just to see if money would buy it he still said no.
  • I am currently researching for the 309 HelpMe levers , but i cant find alot of info online except alot of korean friends tell me to not buy the v3 if i can find the v2 version thats the best one . does somene have the version 2 that can share some i…
  • @zero_requiem could you elaborate about the fujin idea you guys are talking havent understood what exacltly i have to do to try it lol
  • @Rokwho Thank you so much for your quick answers , what exactly is diy tho ?
  • @Rokwho question how is your microswitches metal connectors not twisted and why your actuator is white ?whats the mm on the white one ?
  • Guys i have the Fujin v2 myelf but recently sadly those plastic white screws that holds the microswitch broke . anyone have any idea whats the actual model of the screw so i can order few ? cheers
  • @zero_requiem i tried that a2 on downinput on my fujin v2 it works like a charm cheers !
  • oh , ill try that since i really loved kaze idea and cant get it off my head . i cant remember what was the microswitches on my fujin v2 , all i remember that they were from Thailand and it had crooked metal connectors. @zero_requiem
  • @zero_requiem you have replaced your fujin with am5s ?
  • @zero_requiem your opinion on kaze v3 does it worth it ? hows ewgfs hows backdash and movement ? kaze v3 vs fujin v2 go
  • @ykd i really liked the kaze v2 performance on moves like ewgf , but it didnt have good movement and backdash was abit slow because the diagonals were kinda wierd to get em clean . Do you recommend version 3 ?
  • @zero_requiem have you tried golden fanta shafts on the fujin ?
  • @zero_requiem i mailed Airbuguy the creator of Fujin , the actuator v2 has is 14.9mm
  • Today my Fujin V2 arrived. The lever is fantastic , altho i have a small issue maybe it just needs to be broken in . i cant wavedash really fast it needs alot of force and sometimes diagonals dont input or something maybe am just too used to Kaze .…
  • @ykd damn dude nice collections , i am looking on buying the newer version of Kaze lever ... how does it feel ? ive been told by Kazane himself that its way better for everything i dont know what he have done to the lever would be really interestin…
  • Ok since my last post my mail has gone bananas , there is no way i can keep up with all the requests and i cant have 20 fight sticks in my bag lol ... plus the most requested arcade stick people wants is the Green Arcade one , its impossible to purc…
  • In 1 and a half week am going to Korea for some buisness , if someone wants something from there DM me .
  • @zero_requiem i can just put the actuator from kaze and yes golden fanta damages some sticks i havent figured the reason .have you moded your 309 with diffrent microswitches ?
  • @masked rider i was about to order a 309 i wanna see the feeling of the stick but all the korean friends screaming not to do it because the diagonal inputs are fucked up with that lever , and 309 Mj moded by kaze exclusive at istmall if i remember c…
  • @zero_requiem ah i see good thing i ordered few panasonic to have around then , altho i was wondering i really love the kaze idea and i can see that ewgfs are so fast with kaze lever with softer microswitch for down input was wondering how i can rep…
  • @zero_requiem what is thai switches ? i have few panasonic switches , A3 an A2 could you tell me what and why i should replace when and if i get a Fujin ?
  • @MeiliIsCharm what you mean original kaze ? kaze lever you mean ? i own one of the old generation with the panasonic microswitches. its really good i just want to try crown to see if it feels better in my hand .
  • @MeiliIsCharm thanks so much for the info i have an omni etokki so i guess ill be fine with the kstick , i can see teh 309 kaze mod at istmall website i cant buy from there ?also fujin sometimes apear on focusattack or other stick selling websites
  • @Rokwho i so want to try one of those Fujin levers i can never fidn them when did u buy it adn from where ? also are u selling it ?
  • @MeiliIsCharm am intrested to test a crown stick aswell i am about to order a 309 not the flat one with the colar am not good with names , they are not good ? shall i cancel the order now that i still can ?
  • nono not on the stick on the actual pcb , https://gyazo.com/dc876b5cee1ce6cea75c5f7e2ceb9015 @zero_requiem
  • Thank you @jey-are think so too , i opened up the small black box inside my panthera to clean and see if anything is wrong before the instalation , i unpluged the cables and i dont remember the order to put them correct back on ,google didnt help me…
  • or my question is tottaly stupid and i just have to just plug the harness into the existing 5 pin that the panthera has ? the one am holding in the picture.hopefully pictures goes through https://gyazo.com/dc876b5cee1ce6cea75c5f7e2ceb9015
  • Guys since i cant find any good ifno out there , i guess ill ask you , i want to install a korean stick into my panthera , i have the k stick i have the harness , but i just noticed that my harness is male and the panthera razer qcb has male as well…
  • Anyone around that has some knowledge and can help fast, tommorow i have day off finally so am thinking gonna make an art for my stick , what paper do i have to print it with so its looking good and not get destroyed easily ?
  • Ive found a very strange thing can someone enlight me on the matter.... so i was trying out rubbers and grommets and everything to find what fits me about stiffness...and one day i gave to much force with the pincher to the eclip into the shaft if u…
  • Oops i had a bug and seemed like my posts didnt go through , i did the sand paper but after play few hours it became slippery again maybe ill have to rubb harder ? but am afraid if i keep doing it ill have a pencil for a stick in few weeks lol
  • Does anyone know how to make my shaft less slippery ? really annoying
  • anyone know how to make the fanta lever have more grip , it became abit slippery.
  • Araced stick gurus , what is that middle circle inside the grommet/rubber is called ? https://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server500/d90a4/products/1441/images/8460/fanta_inside__95858.1475536388.1280.1280.jpg?c=2