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  • LivewireX wrote: » Whoa, hold up. Soul Calibur 5 got some play last night? Damn, I gotta head out next time. Don't expect much. It was just me bodying Will with Natsu bombs and I don't even play the game.
  • imegabeast wrote: » yo adam and andy .. forget what i told you about the highway thing yesterday. my friend was just messing with me. wasnt that funny. Hahaha there was construction and odd trucks all over the place on in the highway that n…
  • Pritz wrote: » You need that extra time to scout out those mid-tiers who will finally be high tier by the end of it's life cycle. Not even. I for one am loyal to my character provided said character has ultra 2.
  • What you do is put $5 down on a preorder, get beta access, then take back the preorder when the game is about to come out
  • Ooooooooo get rekt james Illusion spark!
  • Shoutouts to Jensine representing A&Free So gonq is gonna be open tonight?
  • Now kingsley can finally get his long awaited runback against daigo
  • There's a comic book store somewhat close to gonq off of baseline and clyde. Even an anime store right next to it.
  • We just need Bruce/Will/Kingsley to open up Gonq, if its still not booked that is
  • TheRealDaddy-O wrote: » Whoah, you said this week? Yeah, as in today, though I guess by now it would be too short notice to get things rolling.
  • Would it be possible to have friday night gonq this week?
  • TheRealDaddy-O wrote: » Spreadsheet has been updated with today's matches. http://waa.ai/4h1M Wow no losses. I'm so godlike.
  • Krackatoa wrote: » New thread? Cool. We have a $10 Ultra SFIV tournament coming up February 21st. Mark your calendars. Wow, high rollers
  • Shoutouts to kingsley for his godlike shindig Shoutouts to james for being free
  • http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/oususpecttest-198197927 http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/oususpecttest-198201371 (Not-so) rare footage of will getting exposed
  • The gonq miracle never happen
  • You guys are finished. Three, count em, three whole points more chip on ex spiral. We top tier now.
  • PC version already announced? Its a christmas miracle.
  • If you wanna throw a persona money match on there, im always down
  • Are there even any other grudge matches besides kevin vs jimmy bones?
  • RickyTse wrote: » Hash still owes me a money match, so he is extra free for dodging it for two weeks now... Wat. I'm always down to mm when I know I'll win. Especially persona. You know I'm 4-0 now that I beat luka RickyTse wrote: » De…
  • forest31 wrote: » Not sure if I agree on him being the best in Ottawa though until he starts winning as much as Adam at the tournaments. I dunno about that. Don't even remember the last time I won one.
  • condensedgloom wrote: » Hash wrote: » I've stepped down from SF to claim my throne as the best Persona player in Ottawa. Bruce can attest to this. Excuse you, didn't fight my spammy yukiko i demand a money match of 3 dollars i need bus…
  • I've stepped down from SF to claim my throne as the best Persona player in Ottawa. Bruce can attest to this.
  • Who's going to bring me something?
  • biohazard1379 wrote: » I left a red and white umbrella at Algonquin last night. Did anyone happen to pick it up or hand it in somewhere? We noticed it as we were leaving. I'm pretty sure Bruce held onto it.
  • I'm dying over here
  • Tek says he can get ultimax for $15 for anyone that wants to buy a dead game. forest31 wrote: » BTW am I quoting Adam? Nah, thats me. imegabeast wrote: » of course it is, the avatar was hand-drawn by adam himself.. at gonq.. after b…
  • Nah, I think Bruce said the rooms were booked that day. We could set something up, but not on the same day.
  • Its a shame Battle Royale isn't going to be a thing this year since there's apparently no more console tournaments. I was looking forward to its grand return to form.
  • If anything, we all need to play top tier. I got dibs on Cammy.
  • I blame the lack of support from my Gouken brothers. From now on this old man is a single child.
  • Not gonna be able to make it out tonight for games. Best of luck to Jamel and James on their endeavors in uncharted waters. Toryuken's definitely gonna be more hype next year. Hope to see the top 16 filled with (ex)Ottawa players. Better not see …
  • Time to take my crown as the Cody king of Ottawa First act as king: EX zonks for everyone
  • TheRealDaddy-O wrote: » Wow, you already shafted Kingsley. So much for the Rose army. Kingsley may be trying Rose, but I see him still thinking about dash punches. One of these days I'll teach him the mindset of pushing buttons and backdash…
  • VERBAL wrote: » also i'm gonna be the next hash. Is the Rose army finally gonna have a 2nd member?
  • Jensine wrote: » where is rafman? Probably still in turkey, at least I think that's where he went
  • That's a question better suited to Bruce since he took the bag if I recall cause no one else wanted it
  • That'd probably be better asked in the dustloop thread
  • karlsson95 wrote: » snip Damn, I might just try this out. Did you just stick it over the existing artwork?
  • If they nerfed Rose then I'd just live on as a Gouken player. TheRealHashy-O
  • Wow, you didn't just go there.
  • Not even. The matchup got better in Ultra but it's still probably 6-4 which is more than doable. Bonchan just didn't know the matchup. Also shoutouts to Kingsley and his gatlike hosting skills.
  • What did I tell you guys? Louffy is the best.
  • Yo ull louffy in top 8
  • familyman wrote: » Hash wrote: » Anyone wanna buy a PS3 copy of Marvel for $20? I'm not gonna be playing it any time soon. 10 Not even. Not trying to pay less than I paid for it.
  • Anyone wanna buy a PS3 copy of Marvel for $20? I'm not gonna be playing it any time soon.
  • I'm pretty hyped. It'll be fun playing GG without the bullshit that is FRCs.
  • Though that was around midnight or so. Is anyone at gonq right now?
  • Mike Robertson wrote: » bummed I didn't have time to play hash, i think you would have blown me up anyway lol. If you have xbl plz add me my gt is rawbertson. Yeah, sucks that we couldn't get games in. You left pretty early it seemed. Gonna…