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  • Re: Anyone run MAME on a Raspberry Pi 3?

    One of the things i love the most about the Raspberry Pi 3 with Retropie is, you can control EVERYTHING through gamepad. Never have to touch a mouse or keyboard.

    PC emulation is great but, always having to resort to mouse/keyboard to navigate stuff never sat right with me. It always took me out of that "console gaming experience".

    With the Rasperry Pi you can plug it into any display that can connect with HDMI, and control everything with gamepad. Just like a full-fledged game system. Love that.
  • Re: Sega Saturn display problem

    The clock issue is a dead backup-save battery. It uses a CR2032 battery, commonly used in watches. I bought a new one at wal-greens for cheap and it was easily changed, through the back panel.

    I think it's worth it simply to bypass the damn clock-set screen every time you turn your system on.

    As for the video? I don't know. Never touched SCART. I have my Saturn outputting S-Video, and connected to a S-Video-to-HDMI adapter for mine.
  • Re: Transformers Movie Thread - BAYVERSE IS DEAD!

    Rodimus wrote: »
    See this why we need hot rod/Rodimus Prime to open the matrix and light our darkest hour fam

    No way! Rodimus Prime is one of my all-time favorite characters. I'd hate to see how the live-action movies would butcher him.

    Especially after being dragged through the mud in Season 3. On that subject, i don't get how the writers shat the bed with the Season 3 leaders so badly. Rodimus became a "forever in Prime's shadow" character, and Galvatron was turned into a mentally deranged idiot. Say what you will about G1 Starscream's blunders but, i think he would have made a better leader than Season 3 Galvy.

    G1 Starscream's idea to build his own combiner team to usurp Megatron > Every plan Galvatron ever had in Season 3.
  • Re: Sheng Long April Fools Joke - EGM - 25th Anniversary Event

    Dear lord, has it been 25 years already?!

    I remember buying that issue of EGM and seeing the April Fools joke. Looked real to me at the time....
  • Re: The Nintendo Switch Thread! ~ Kirby Star Allies out 3/16/18! - Labo 4/20 - DKC Tropical Freeze 5/4!

    Joshkaz wrote: »
    Trophies/achievements are gimmicks, but so is everything nintendo does, so whats the difference?

    None. If anything, nintendo should be on-top of that with it's own brand of achievements.