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  • Re: Computer/alternative advice

    DarkLense wrote: »
    Any suggestion would be welcome. I'm on a budget and I heard there is a computer-like device that you can plug to the TV and acts like a computer. Its actually a storage/server for some and it sells online for 300$. A friend never caught the name of the device but the point is there. Any advice on the name and if its a good solution in case of gameplay?

    My Computer:

    Azulle Access Plus
    1.92Ghz Quad-Core Atom Z8350
    4GB Ram
    Windows 10 licensed O.S included
    Intel HD Graphics (Cherry Trail)
    32GB SSD storage (i also use a 256GB USB 3.0 stick with it btw)
    1 USB 2.0 & 1 USB 3.0 port
    Gigabit Ethernet port
    Micro SD card slot
    Fanless/No moving parts. 100% quiet.
    Low power draw

    Yup. I'm a fan of compact PCs. It's not a modern gaming powerhouse but, its plenty fast enough to do everything else. Plays any HD video i throw at it like a champ, netflix, web browsing, blu-ray burning, etc. Yeah you could probably use it like a headless server if you wanted.

    Plugged into the back of my Tv's HDMI port. Takes up zero space.

    Costs about $150 New.

  • Re: Transformers Movie Thread - BAYVERSE IS DEAD!

    Optimus124 wrote: »
    Transformers will be rebooted . . . . . . BAYVERSE IS DEAD!!!!!
    During an investor call it was made clear that the series will be rebooted.

    Even though I found some enjoyment in the previous 4, that last movie was crap. Glad they will be doing something different. Hopefully they will pull a page from Marvel's book and make this work.

    I'd say the best ones were the first and DOTM. AOE was okay. Let's not talk about the 5th. By far the worst of them was the second movie though. What a piece of trash. ROTF can burn in hell.

    In the end though, i'd say the Bayformers were a good thing. Prior to the movies, even at it's peak, Transformers were just that neat "80s toyline" with "nostalgia" and not really taken seriously. The Bayflicks finally got the brand the global/mainstream recognition it rightfully deserved. It's not merely nostalgia, the brand and concept are badass and stand head and shoulders above the competitors of their day.

    As for the rebooted series, my hopes aren't high.
  • Re: Star Wars

    And of course she's now a part of the Hollywood plastic surgery machine, looking like a slightly younger version of Caitlin Jenner in direct light:


    WTF. No way. She's only 36! Not even that old.
  • Re: Star Wars

    YMDSLTSAC wrote: »
    The thing is Luke spent almost the entire duration of A New Hope as pretty much a damsel in distress, so when he finally blew up the Death Star at the end, it was like a Rudy moment. He wouldn't even have been able to blow up the Death Star if someone hadn't shown up to save his ass for the 4th or 5th time. It showed his progression from naive farm boy to a legendary war hero; this is called character development.

    Rey is pretty much capable from the start. She's a skilled fighter, pilot, mechanic, understands Wookie-ese(?), Droid-ese and is even force sensitive. The one time she shows some vulnerability when she's captured by the First Order she gets herself out using an ancient Jedi technique she had only heard about.

    Don't forget beating an evil space wizard in her very first lasersword duel to the death.

    The new trilogies premier villain, owes the hero for sparing his life after the first movie.
  • Re: Anime & Manga Thread v.5 FAQ/IRC: See OP. Welcome to 2017.

    Ugh, old anime question here...

    But uh, this is a Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken thing here.

    Kenshiro vs Souther, the first fight when Kenshiro tried to use his insta-kill tech on Souther (and it didn't work).
    What are the lines said between the two, in both Japanese and translated English script?

    Cause I know that, paraphrasing it, Souther asks Kenshiro "how long does he have" with Kenshiro giving em three seconds that Souther counts off (and laughs when nothing happens, leaving Kenshiro stunned).

    My all-time favorite anime! Souther is also my favorite HNK villain.
    (after hitting Souther with his technique)

    Ken: "I've struck "jinchuukyoku" one of the strongest and most effective pressure points. You only have 3 seconds left to live"

    Souther: 3 seconds?

    Thug: No way....i can't believe our holy emperor could be defeated.

    Souther: Interesting. I shall count down these 3 seconds. One.... Two.... Three....


    (wound appears on Kenshiro's chest)

    Ken: It can't be.... i'm sure i struck his pressure point.

    Souther: Hokuto Shinken has no effect on my body. I was chosen to be the emperor since birth. No one can defeat me.

    (kenshiro falls to his knees puzzled)

    Souther: Hahahahahahaha!!

    -End of episode 62.

    Beginning of episode 63 where their first fight concluded:

    Souther: Now you'll learn why Roah hesitated to fight me. I am the emperor i am completely different from you!

    (which Roah admitted to earlier last episode)

    (Souther attacks and Kenshiro tries the attack again)

    Thugs: Lord souther!

    Souther: It's usless.

    (kenshiro stunned)

    Souther: Is that it?

    (Kenshiro attacks more and knocks him back, with no effect)

    The speed and accuracy of your fighting style is amazing. You really are the true inheritor of Hokuto Shinken. You may have a better fighting style but... you've lost to my royal bloodline!

    (delivers final attack)

    Kenshiro: N...No way!


    Souther: Hahahahaha!!


    These are also episodes 5 and 6, out of 11 of the Souther arc.

    Not a 100.00% accurate translation but, years ago a fan group came together(Heart of madness) and translated all the episodes to the absolute best of their ability, for the best possible english subs. I have all their episodes.

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