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  • Re: whats the best

    dual shock pad designed for fighters? i hated ps3 d pad, ps4s d pad is thin and seems easy on the thumb. the original ps1 pad not the ds, had heavy buttons and it felt weird. i bought one cause alot here said it was good, but i didn't like it sadly. i mostly used the ds 2 to me i find the ds 2, and ps4 being the best suited for fighters. what do you guys say?

    Wait a sec.... you want to know which Playstation gamepad is good for fighters? I'd say the Dual-shock 2 for PS2. It's also one of the best and well-rounded gamepad designs of all-time imo.

    I don't know why they made revisions to the design with the PS3 and PS4. If it's not broken, don't fix it.
  • Re: Games that haven't aged well.

    The entire atari library

    Yup. Not that there aren't any Atari 2600 games that are still fun, there definitely are but, that was effectively "horse & carriage" gaming lol. Even back in the day before i experienced anything better, such as the NES, i thought 2600's library was pretty lame on graphics and content. And Music was simply non-existent, just the various beeps and various sound effects.

    I can still go back and enjoy NES era games quite a bit but, Atari 2600 is pushing it as far as my retro-gaming appreciation goes.

  • Re: Transformers Thread

    Always loved Rodimus Prime! Glad to see a new version. The moment i saw the new Rodimus, my wallet shuddered in fear.

    Same goes for that Skullgrin! He was always my favorite Decepticon pretender. Looking at the G1 original in box on my shelf right now.

  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: Gamescom 2017 8/22-8/26, M$ conference 8/20 @ 12 pm PT

    Graphic wrote: »
    I was hoping Super Mario All Stars would have been included with the SNES mini, but overall it is a good selection of games. I might pick one up. Is it safe to assume that Nintendo is aiming for this to be another holiday item with no expectation of future production?

    I'm disappointed there's no Gradius III. It was a launch game and one of the first to show us how glorious the SNES sound chip could be. The soundtrack is GOLD and always takes me back when i listen to it.

    And it's Nintendo. So you can bet they'll employ their usual, ruthless, artificial scarcity/demand tactics. It won't be an item you can just walk into stores and buy.

  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: Gamescom 2017 8/22-8/26, M$ conference 8/20 @ 12 pm PT

    owattjacob wrote: »
    So how many SNES minis will Alphacharlie buy this time around?

    Answer: (2).... If i can.

    The other question you should be asking is, how much will Darksakul whine about it this year?

    Darksakul: "Durrr Rombox" x100