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  • Re: Mad Catz Financials

    Kromo wrote: »
    Didn't they have that android console riding in on the Ouya wave?


    Oh geez! lol. The MadCatz Mojo android console.

    I've had one for quite a while and it is an extremely clumsy device. I could write a long-ass essay detailing all its problems i've run into, alongside all the "Macgyver" fixes i had to pull off to get it to do what i wanted.

    Currently, I love it and use it like an all-in-one emulation system. However, it was a long road to get to that point!!

    And Madcatz just plain gave up on it before it was even a year old. Hasn't received firmware updates since 2014 i think.

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  • Re: Justice League/DC movie thread

    My DCEU Rankings:

    JL & WW 7/10 <---- Huge step in the right direction for the DCEU!!

    MOS & BvsS 6/10 <---- Has a lot of problems but still enjoyable and above-average.

    Suicide Squad 0/10 <---- Cinematic garbage.

    Wonder Woman is hideously overrated. Not a 9/10 or 10/10 movie by any stretch.
  • Re: Justice League/DC movie thread

    Zatalcon wrote: »
    Ben Affleck sucked as batman. He almost looked fat and old with out the suit and while he was batman he was a chump. A part of me felt like they were benching his ass, because you got someone taking out like 5 guys while he was getting his ass kicked by 1. Affleck is within the same tier as Clooney for me. Fuck Affleck Batman.

    Affleck is fine as Batman but, he's not as good as he was in BvsS. In BvsS, his Batman was a total badass. Even with kryptonite, fighting someone like Superman would be daunting but he didn't care. That Batman had balls of steel.

    In JL that was dialed back a LOT. I kept waiting for him to lead the charge and kick some ass. But he kinda took a backseat to the others, in a kind of adviser/recruiter role instead.

    He's still a hell of a lot better than clooney.
  • Re: Tenchu Z / Tenchu Senran is the ultimate authentic ninja game ever created!! Hardcore stealth!!

    Tenchu. Wow. That takes me back. I remember playing the original on PSX when it was new.

    I thought it was cool that the guy who did the motion capture for the character, was 80's Ninja/action icon Sho Kosugi. Who basically made the best Ninja movies ever.

    Revenge of the Ninja:

  • Re: A Street Fighter Museum coming soon to New York City

    Biolink wrote: »
    Probably the first thing to ever compel me to visit that rat infested dump

    How involved is Capcom? THAT is a rat-infested dump. Minimal job opportunity regardless of your background, and basically all jobs universally pay LESS than they do elsewhere. They got these Michael Jordon-level transplant Doctors that make about $100K less than they would in other states.

    And the state's most popular city, New Orleans? Smelly, high-crime, heavy traffic encrusted hellhole. Anyone living there practically burns up 20% of every full-tank just sitting in traffic as the shit crawls for miles.....

    "Oh, whats that? I have a job interview thats only 11 miles away? Guess i better leave an HOUR or so early to compensate for the shitacular traffic....and even then there's a chance i may not make it on time"