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  • Re: A Street Fighter Museum coming soon to New York City

    Biolink wrote: »
    Probably the first thing to ever compel me to visit that rat infested dump

    How involved is Capcom? THAT is a rat-infested dump. Minimal job opportunity regardless of your background, and basically all jobs universally pay LESS than they do elsewhere. They got these Michael Jordon-level transplant Doctors that make about $100K less than they would in other states.

    And the state's most popular city, New Orleans? Smelly, high-crime, heavy traffic encrusted hellhole. Anyone living there practically burns up 20% of every full-tank just sitting in traffic as the shit crawls for miles.....

    "Oh, whats that? I have a job interview thats only 11 miles away? Guess i better leave an HOUR or so early to compensate for the shitacular traffic....and even then there's a chance i may not make it on time"
  • Re: Arcade Games

    Yes, great arcade games are still being made. This one in particular is my favorite:

    Aliens Armegeddon(2014). Love this shooter so much!! It's every bit as good as the kind of shooters that would have been released in arcades at it's peak. I only ever see it at Lasertag arcades though.

  • Re: Transformers Thread

    A new G1 Predacon combiner AND G1 Dinobot combiner, leader class Rodimus Prime, plus modern pretenders?

    They're really going all-out with the G1 love.
  • Re: The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Welcome to New Donk City!

    Darksakul wrote: »
    Nope not really. PSP rarely used it's full CPU speed to conserve on battery, and with Arm, processors you already take a hit on performance. PSP has none of the rendering hardware the PS2 has, the PSP had to do more in software than the PS2.

    Also despite the PSP CPU is on par on the PS2's it's doing like 1/3 to 2/3 the total capability.
    The PSP CPU does 1 - 333MHz at 32 bits but it usually runs at 111MHz. The PS2 runs at 300 MHz 128-bit integer SIMD, 128-bit floating-point SIMD and ran rendering in Hardware as it has dedicated rendering and video hardware. The PS2 might have the same clock speed but ti's doing 4 times the work of the PSP at each clock cycle.

    The graphical abilities like two similar PCs (same CPU) but one running Intel on Board HD graphics and the other PC running a Nvidia 1070

    Regardless of how they made it happen, at the end of the day, they still got nice graphical performance out of the PSP that was comparable to the PS2. As evident by some cross-platform titles that saw releases on both systems.

    PSP was an awesome handheld for it's time.
  • Re: Transformers Thread

    Oh wow.... 3rd party, cartoon paint accurate, MP-Starscream. That doesn't cost an arm & a leg to get. Unlike the official releases.