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  • Re: Anyone run MAME on a Raspberry Pi 3?

    ParryAll wrote: »
    I actually hate Darksukul as a person he constantly trolls me, but I agree with him here, Mame is pretty shitty. Even something as popular and common as X-Men Arcade is not emulated properly- the music is FM only, the sampled lyrics don't play or play very low, games have graphical issues or missing speech or sound errors, last time I messed with Mame and to be fair this was 8-10 years ago, games have screen tearing and input lag as well. Some games run too fast some too slow, ugh.

    You're not alone. Darksukul pretty much attacks anyone that disagrees with his views. He's the quintessential troll. Like with me and my love of the NES Classic and all it's hackable goodness, he constantly attacks me over it.

    I suggest complaining to the mods if he continues and or, putting him on ignore at least.
  • Re: Sega Saturn display problem

    Ok thanks guys for clearing up the battery issue.

    Its PAL. As for the tv and cable I used it years ago on an old CRT blocky tv and worked fine. They fit perfectly ok as of now but still the same display problem.

    I'll look into this s-video to hdmi wire. Is this a good/best quality image I can get?

    You could probably find a way to get better image quality out of the Saturn but, S-Video is probably the easiest for those desperate to upgrade from composite. The Saturn can naturally output S-Video out of the box, so no mods need to be done. Only the proper cable.

    Here is what i use:

    Saturn S-video cable.

    S-Video-to-HDMI converter.

    ^^ This is what i use and it's great, and simple to set-up. Just plug everything in and make sure its switched to S-Video. After gaming with composite on my HDTV for about a year, S-Video through HDMI was a sweet step up in quality.

  • Re: Anyone run MAME on a Raspberry Pi 3?

    It's not the greatest but, Mame is a Good emulator that plays countless games very well. And when it comes to programs that try to be a jack-of-all-trades? It's easily the among the best in that regard.

    I don't get Darksakul's irrational hate-boner for it.
  • Re: Anyone run MAME on a Raspberry Pi 3?

    ParryAll wrote: »
    You say a lot, what are the limits? What doesn't run well? How about say, Sega Model 2 games (examples: Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter 2, House of the Dead),Sega System 32 (Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder), Titan (which is Saturn based thus requires quite a bit, examples: Radiant Silvergun, Decathalete) PS1 based: Tekken 1-2, Namco System 22 (Tekken 3, Soul Calibur). What about Killer Instinct 2? What about Taito SH2 based stuff like RayForce, Darius Gaiden, SH3 Cave stuff like Mushihimesama Futari? Alot of this won't run on a modded Xbox for example.

    Also I'm only doing this if the emulation is full speed. I can't tolerate frameskips, screen tearing etc.

    These are older builds of mame, 2003 and 2010. Runs a ton of stuff great but, not model 1/2/3 arcade games or recent stuff in the 2000s. The PSOne emulator works fantastic and i have a ton of those shooters on it.

    Totally worth it. Retropie is easy as hell to install and effectively turns the Raspberry Pi 3 into a full-fledged game console, and you never have to touch a mouse or keyboard past the initial set-up. Everything can be controlled through gamepad. Like a PC, it seems to work with nearly every USB controller fine. Although it says a 64GB Micro SD card is the limit, i've used a 128GB Micro SD on mine from the beginning and never had problems. Built-In WiFi lets you connect to your comp wirelessly and upload stuff using FTP programs like Filezilla, which is pretty awesome (Although you can always use the USB drive method for fast loading of large files).

    Got a sweetass case for mine too. The Zebra Case:

  • Re: Alien Covenant / Prometheus / Aliens / AvP / Discussion Thread

    "Incompetently made" is a bit harsh, cinematography, score, casting were excellent.

    That's like saying a person has no idea how to bake a cake, but at least they had the highest quality ingredients during their attempt. If they don't know how to make a good cake, the end result will turn out terrible regardless of how good the ingredients they used were.

    That was Prometheus. Great concept, great ideas, casting, budget, soundtrack, promotional material, etc. And the end result SUCKED so HOARD!

    Because evidently Ridely scott was rusty as hell after all these years and forgot how to properly structure/direct a movie. Then you had Damon lindelof pulling his special brand of bullshit with the script and, the whole thing was a mess.