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  • Re: The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Out now!

    Darksakul wrote: »
    Alpha Go away, stop deraling the thread.

    And you need to stop childishly attacking/trolling everyone that disagrees with you. Not just me, several members here have noted this behavior.

    Example of this member from a techtalk thread:

    Edited because keep drama where it is.
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  • Re: The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Out now!

    Darksakul wrote: »
    Just as you think comments can't get dumber than Alpha Charlie, here comes S00perCam to prove us wrong.

    Yikes. I leave for a couple of hours and you start attacking the first other member that shows up with an opinion you disagree with?

    I can't say I'm terribly surprised with your track record....
  • Re: The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Out now!

    Darksakul wrote: »
    Plus you know the Switch will have Virtual Console, it makes a dedicated Emu box that only emulates 1 system and 30 fixed games a moot point.

    It does a lot more than that, thanks to the hacking community. Adding new games to the NES Classic is almost as easy as putting files onto a USB drive now. I can even create new folders in the system to neatly organize games into categories like "shooters" and "Run & Gun". Makes selecting from a large number of games a breeze. Game compatibility is impressive also. I've only encountered about 5 games that wouldn't work. Adding box art for each game is easy as well.

    Of coarse the NES Classic can also run Retroarch and play stuff like PSOne games as well. Although i'm strictly using it as an NES system.

    Darksakul wrote: »
    You paid twice the retail price you idiot. Not once but Twice for a stupid TV Plug-n-play box, and you paid twice the MSRP, Twice the retail price.
    The second unit you paid even more for you had imported from Europe.

    lol! I only paid Double-retail price for the U.S version which included shipping cost. The European version only cost me $100 total, which also included shipping costs.

    Both were great deals for such an insanely hard to find item. Like i said, Nintendo has my support when they do things RIGHT and don't half-ass their product.

    Which is what the Switch is. It's a half-assed hybrid portable creation and nintendo is hoping their silly gimmicks will make up for their cheap effort, and get them sales.
  • Re: The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Out now!

    chadouken! wrote: »
    For fucks sake, if you guys are happy with your purchases, why do you have to shit all over what anyone else likes. This shit is getting fucking OLD.

    I don't know what it is about DarkSakul but, his rabid hate-boner for the NES Classic just won't quit. Ever since it was announced, he's done nothing but complain about it and bashes on anyone who admits to buying one, or is interested in buying one. It's obnoxious actually.

    Maybe he's one of those weird, anti-emulation zealots....
  • Re: The Nintendo Switch Thread! - Out now!

    Darksakul wrote: »
    The NES classic is not a NES, its a POS Linux Rom box

    According to Nintendo, it IS a new model NES system.

    Whine all you want but it doesn't change that lol. I'm sorry you hate nintendo.