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  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE...for a price!

    Darksakul wrote: »
    Or you can get a Retro Pi and call it a day for alot less money

    Already have a Raspberry Pi 3 setup. Although i use Recalbox instead. It's basically everything Retropie should have been.

    Recalbox > Retropie

    Plus one of these awesome cases to go with it:
  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE...for a price!

    PVL_93_RU wrote: »
    So here's something completely random:

    Let's say tomorrow Sega comes out and says "We're making a Sega Genesis Mini", similar to Nintendo's NES and SNES mini, 30-35 games built-in.

    Not going to happen. If Sega gave a damn at all, they wouldn't have given Atgames the free reign on "Genesis" releases during all these years.

    Atgames last release, their updated "HD" Genesis is probably the best we're going to get.

    Hacking instructions:
  • Re: Star Wars

    Why do i care about a character that has 10 minutes of screen time between 2 movies? He's not the main antagonist and was never shown to be. Im more interested in where the first order goes with kylo at the helm than with snoke.

    We already had 2 trilogies with a behind the scenes bad guy, we dont need another

    What, in the past two movies, gives you any indication Kylo will not be a terrible leader? Indeed i cannot wait to witness the oh-so glorious reign of Kylo Ren lol.

    Spoiler....he'll be a shitty leader, Rey will kick his ass, and the mysteriously revitalized rebellion will thwart the first order. There. Saved you two years and a $12 ticket.

    As for not needing another "trilogy with a behind the scenes bad guy"? In that case, this trilogy should NOT have started out that way then. But they did and thus should have followed through appropriately. Instead of derailing the train mid-way through and ending it on a lameass note in TLJ. Poor planning. They should have just started it with Kylo leading the first order from the get-go.
  • Re: Star Wars

    Magegg wrote: »
    I skipped The Last Jedi (not planning to watch Ep. IX either)

    Good for you! You didn't have to sit through the various, full-house character assassinations that took place. This includes the new trilogy cast, as well as the OG guys. Everybody looked bad when it was over. Nor did you have to endure the feminazi agendas and the senseless, Golden Compass side quest.

    Lord knows i wish i could get my money back. Not paying to see anymore of this shit either, starting with Solo.
  • Re: The Netflix Thread

    purbeast wrote: »
    Not sure if serious about Matt Damon comment or not...

    That's fake Matt Damon, aka Todd from Breaking Bad.

    WTF? Of course that's Matt Damon.

    Edit: *Checks IMDB*

    Well damn. Dude is like, Matt Damon's clone. If his clone had down syndrome.