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  • Re: Puppies and Kittens are Gangsta

  • Re: A Street Fighter Museum coming soon to New York City

    Biolink wrote: »
    Probably the first thing to ever compel me to visit that rat infested dump

    How involved is Capcom? THAT is a rat-infested dump. Minimal job opportunity regardless of your background, and basically all jobs universally pay LESS than they do elsewhere. They got these Michael Jordon-level transplant Doctors that make about $100K less than they would in other states.

    And the state's most popular city, New Orleans? Smelly, high-crime, heavy traffic encrusted hellhole. Anyone living there practically burns up 20% of every full-tank just sitting in traffic as the shit crawls for miles.....

    "Oh, whats that? I have a job interview thats only 11 miles away? Guess i better leave an HOUR or so early to compensate for the shitacular traffic....and even then there's a chance i may not make it on time"
  • Re: Transformers Thread

    and since they released Technobots last year, it was only a matter of time before the TERRORCONS would be unveiled!
    No combined pic though..

    Damn. Terrorcons are in my Top-3 all time favorite combiner teams (alongside Menasor and Predaking). My wallet won't be happy about this.

  • Re: Transformers Thread

    Preppy wrote: »
    That sucks. Their toy selection hasn't been as on point as usual, but they haven't been terribad.

    Stopped by the local classic toy warehouse BobaKhan:
    They have a pretty awesome classic Transformers selection, including Scorponok and Maximus in box. I'd love to go back to Japan and check out their best toy stores, hopefully catching great stuff like Omega Supreme in box.

    Gobots still suck.

    Puzzler is an excellent G1-style combiner, that would have a nice spot in any TF collection.

  • Re: Soap and Deodorant: How do you stay Fresh?

    Iduno wrote: »
    To be fair that guy was a criminal, he'd been loitering within tent.

    ^^ Get a load of the Punissuer here.