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  • Re: Alien Covenant / Prometheus / Aliens / AvP / Discussion Thread

    "Good, Good. One more shitty alien prequel movie, Ridley Scott. And your transformation into George Lucas will be complete"

  • Re: Alien Covenant / Prometheus / Aliens / AvP / Discussion Thread

    locoghoul wrote: »
    The extended intro scene available on DVD is pretty good and sorta further explains David's intentions/mentality since he was born.

    Prometheus deleted first scene where Weyland gives a lecture about Prometheus (Greek mythology) was really good too.

    Shame they cut those off for theatrical version. I hope Scott gets to finish this Alien prequels series with Awakening amidst rumors of Fox rebooting the series

    Ridley Scott shat the bed big time. First with Prometheus and then even worse with Covenant. It's SciFi shlock at his finest. And there's no point in making another because the train has gone off the tracks so badly, that it'll never "connect" with Alien. Which is the whole point of these shitty prequels. It's basically an alternate universe by this point.

    I've no interest in seeing another one of Scott's cinematic abortions. What's left of the story isn't even salvageable.
  • Re: The 2017-2018 NFL and FFL Thread: Jordan Matthews traded. Sammy Watkins traded. Zeke suspended for 6

    Ok Jay Cutler is a big dude Really?

    I appreciate going after your dreams but, sometimes you should just stick to what you're good at. Just sayin'.

  • Re: Are we not just getting too old?

    Korbidon wrote: »
    This is idiotic. 'Young people' who would buy this game know exactly who the X-Men are and the only reason they are not in the game is because Marvel is pissed they sold the film rights.

    You think more people know who Captain Marvel is, or Wolverine?

    Don't be daft.

    Don't be silly. Fox have had the X-Men film rights for over 17 years now. That didn't stop X-Men characters being featured prominently in all the .Vs games. Makes no sense for Marvel/Disney to suddenly be butthurt now.

    And to answer your question, Wolverine has a shit-ton more recognition with the masses than Captain Marvel does. I'm a long time Marvel fan from back in the day and wasn't really familiar with the character.

    GhostTear wrote: »
    damn. should of just rebooted Xmen in that case. sounds terrible

    I've always enjoyed the Fox X-Men movies and after the pure, undiluted awesome, that was Deadpool and Logan? I'm in no hurry for Marvel to get the rights back. Both were 5-star movies and rank up there with the all-time best.

    I also liked X-Men Apocalypse despite it's issues (screw you guys. The movie had enough redeeming qualities to be worthwhile).
  • Re: Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Stick?

    In terms of collector's items the only crowd that would probably have a strong desire to obtain one of these is someone in the 30+ age group who can actually remember when Happ parts were abundant in the US.

    ^^ Corrected.

    And for the record, we still have arcades. They've just changed their typical location. The Laser Tag places! That's the arcade of the new millennium or whatever.

    If you have an appreciation for old-school lightgun shooters, you need to play this one. A couple of times a week i go to my local laser tag and play-through this gem: (2014)Alien Armageddon.

    Of course i bring this game up because i never knew it existed until i visited a laser tag arcade. And to date, the only other place i've EVER seen these machines pop up is at other laser tag places lol.

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