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  • Re: Alien Covenant / Prometheus / Aliens / AvP / Discussion Thread

    pedoviejo wrote: »
    It wasnt bad.

    I was more pissed off about the idiotic characterS. That scene with the two demales doe, lofl, women reactions to stress!

    They need to expand or explain more, this had way less implicit information to build assumptions on.

    That's all you found wrong with the stupid characters?

    By the way pedoviejo, i have this Alien egg over here that's recently started to open. Go ahead, put your face right up to it. I assure you, it is completely safe.

  • Re: Alien Covenant / Prometheus / Aliens / AvP / Discussion Thread

    pedoviejo wrote: »
    did you not read my post

    I was more pissed off about the idiotic characterS

    Yes i was just surprised you didn't mention the captain, as he was by far the dumbest character in the movie by a mile. He even....
    ...Heavily suspected David of foul play yet, took his him at his word that having a closer look at the scary alien egg was "safe".

    pedoviejo wrote: »
    also, this throws a wrench on the alien species. 20 years to spread some alien seeds across the universe isn't enough time.

    The whole Prometheus branch of movies has basically become the "Highlander II" of the Aliens series. Expecting ANYTHING to make sense from this point onward, is simply not a realistic expectation lol.

    Ridely Scott is clearly over the hill and taking his own demented direction with the series.

    In much the same way you can no longer trust an 80-year old person to reliably operate a vehicle.... once a movie director hits a certain age? You CANNOT trust him to handle a movie property with respect. There's comes a point when it's time to step away from the director's chair, regardless of past successes.

    Yes he made the original Alien....but that was 38 years ago! The ridely Scott of today is not the same person and should no longer be allowed creative control over a such a series.
  • Re: Alien Covenant / Prometheus / Aliens / AvP / Discussion Thread

    Ok damn, never let Ridely Scott near this series again. Prometheus sucked but most seemed to blame Damon lindelof for that. After Alien Covenant, it's clear he wasn't the only problem. Ridely Scott is clearly over the hill and doesn't know what he's doing anymore.

    Someone needs to pry this series away from Ridely Scott before he produces any more shitty Alien flicks. This series hasn't had a good movie in 31 goddamn years and he is one of those responsible for that. The Alien series has basically turned into the Highlander franchise. A few awesome movies back in the day and then nothing but garbage since then.

    Oh, and just when you thought taking their helmets off on an alien planet in Prometheus couldn't be topped? They topped it because....
    Those dumbasses never had helmets to take off to begin with!! They seriously just landed on an alien planet and got out of the ship with plain clothes on. No suits. WTF. And guess what happened? The infection started simply by them breathing in the air with no protection.
  • Re: Alien Covenant / Prometheus / Aliens / AvP / Discussion Thread

    Alien Covenant was sci-fi shlock. The irony that Ridely Scott started this series and now, because of him, it's almost no better than the HighLander franchise.

    We had a few really good movies 31 years ago and, it's been total garbage ever since. But we keep coming back like a battered housewife, hoping things will be different. Only to continue getting punched in the eye repeatedly.

    It's like an episode of cops when they respond to domestic abuse call, the Alien fanbase is like:

    Fans: "Ah can't leave him, ahh lovvve him!"
  • Re: Deadpool (2016)

    axeman61 wrote: »
    Yeah; I had a BAD feeling in my gut when before X-Men: Apocalypse started the girl who plays Storm was thanking me just for watching the movie. When I saw Apocalypse in action I knew why.

    WTF? X-Men: Apocalypse was good.

    Underwhelming considering the character but, there's only so much they can do in a 2-hour movie. What was there was still good.