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  • Re: The music is (barely) passable (Music Discussion Thread)

    Also screw everyone. I'm down for bringing back Indestructible (The Next Door)

    It's an ear worm and a secret pleasure of many SF players who don't want to admit it.
  • Re: Seth's Trial Mode

    How to do trial 9?

    It seems simply: j.HK, s.MP, boom, tandem storm.

    But I can't get boom to EVER cancel into storm. Even when I just do a standalone boom without the combo trying get it to cancel/link.
  • How to win against online tactics???

    I just came to terms with my frustrations with Viper after losing to a Ryu that literally jumped over and over and over and just mashed normals. With main Guile these playing pretty much best themselves and I just turn my brain off and air throw them and cr hp over and over.

    I watched at my aa thunder knuckles whiffed and my burn kicks were dp'd and I have no button to answer my obvious reads with. I felt like the jumping mashing ryu was rewarded way more for his Yolo playstyle than my reads and time spent on execution.

    What makes Viper better than say Guile or Rog who is just gonna press 2 buttons and punish the crap out of online tactics when viper can barely aa
  • Re: Who should I play as a beginner

    Herden wrote: »
    Hi guys, I picked up USF4 and I've been playing Gief for a week or so, but he is just such a bad character,and itwould take yeeeeeeeeeeears to get good with him, that I need to find someone new to play, any suggestions?

    I think I played you last night. I was Guile and you sent me a message about how it was unfair that my PP was so low.
  • Re: I see footsies...

    When I read the topic title I imagined Haley Joel Osment saying it.