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  • Re: Fightcade ST discussion!

    1. What are we supposed to do with replay links? Are they archived somewhere? Do we just copy/paste them down after we exit a match?
    Type in the chat /replay replay_id to watch the replay. You can browse all the stored replays here:
    2. Any reason why the japanese rom is being used instead of the US rom?
    There are some reasons for it:
    1. No O.Gief bug (compared with the WORLD version...)
    2. N.Gief is more balanced (Instant stun on his headbutt)
    3. Its the version that the real pros play?
    3. Will Fightcade eventually auto-update like supercade?
    If i remember well, pof himself said that he would work on something like that in the future.

  • Re: Bison (dictator) Thread

    Hey, I'm not sure if this is known already... but i'll post it anyway since i never heard anyone talking about it.
    Just discovered right now while getting the damage data to put on the wiki that for Devil Reverse, the second Punch press determines the damage BUT not how long the recovery will be. This is actually determined by the first punch press, and that's actually the only thing it determines (AFAIK)...
    So, you should always activate the move with Jab, and then use Fierce for the punch, this way you'll get the fastest recovery possible and the biggest damage possible...
  • Re: Hacking the ST rom...

    I may be wrong, but i have an hypothesis for why fei's Rh CW has that bug:
    That's because of his comand rh which puts him in an airbone state on the very first frame, meaning that its impossible to kara cancel out of it.
    And yeah, the change in motion did "fixed" the move, doing CW was just as easy as any other special move. But, if -> and Rh are pressed on the same frame then i have no idea which move would come out. But since Fei would not jump out of it naymore, then you have a 7 frame window to input rh.
  • Re: UD-CPS2: Fully Consolized Capcom Play System 2

    UD, nice stuff bro!
    Just wanted to point it out tho: Keep in mind that in ST, ground normals actually take 1 frame more to startup. If you do the test with an aerial normal (for example) it will probably result in 3 frames of lag, not 4.
  • Re: Hacking the ST rom...

    branch subroutines for n.gief:

    0886ba bsr $88ad4 --> ppp
    0886be bsr $88b4c --> kkk
    0886c2 bsr $88826 --> fab
    0886c6 bsr $88c48 --> spd
    0886ca bsr $88ef0 --> rgb/suplex
    not 100% sure but 99% sure that these are the respective special moves for each routine, green hand rountines appear to be right after these BSRs, 5 or so debugger lines below.

    By debugging inside some of these brunches i started to understand how some certain stuff works:
    Memory addresses ff87e0 and ff87e2 are "2 byte words" that hold the current frame and the past frame inputs, respectively.
    So, if ff87e4 is different from ff87e0, it means that some button was released or pressed during that frame transition.
    The less significant algarism is the direction ( 1 = right, 2 = left, up = 8, sum directiosn to get diagonals etc..). The second less significative algarism is the punch button (1 = jab, 2 = strong, 4 = fierce, sum them for the combination, for example 7 means that PPP is being pressed) and the third is kick (works the same as the punch one) and the most significative is apparently not used.

    So, if ff87e0 is holding a value of 0701 and ff87e2 has a value of 0700 it means that the player stopped holding right, while holding kkk the whole time.

    Memory references to $392,A6 or $394,A6 are checks to the inputs mentioned above. (A6 usually contains the address FF844E, plus offset 392 = ff87e0 which is the addres mentioned above)

    Now, going inside the ppp subroutine:

    088ad4 move.w ($394,A6), D0 --reference to past input frame
    088ad8 not.w D0
    088ada and.w ($392,A6), D0 --reference to current input frame
    088ade andi.w #$70, D0
    088ae2 cmpi.w #$70, D0 -- checks register value D0 with 70, which means that PPP is pressed
    088ae6 bne $88b0e

    on these instructions the game is checking if the the player just pressed PPP on that frame, and then it doesnt branch on the bne instruction...

    This is quite fun to mess with, i will continue tomorrow, going to bed now.

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