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  • Re: R.Mika General Thread: She's Stone Cold

    Her new costume will drive some people crazy :D.

    I think Marn's style fails against people who play buttons. Justin wrecked him. Fuudo style may be needed to initiate the momentum. That being said, Justin rarely allows any momentum in ANY game he plays.

    The reason why Justin won is because these guys play all the time. They are close friends. This even goes back to the vanilla SF4 days. Marn can't win off of being random if Justin already knows how he plays.
  • Re: R.Mika General Thread: She's Stone Cold

    Mika can do some dumb stuff up close but she's nowhere near broken. This game overall is pretty balanced. Against people that know what they're doing, Mika has a terrible time getting in and once she's in she has to get momentum going. Wrong reads/guesses will lead to the opponent getting away and Mika has to start all over again which most likely requires taking a lot of risks.
  • Re: UMvC3 Stream & Commentary Thread v3

    I looked at the stream numbers for the finals and although marvel was 4th highest, it wasn't exactly bad. It's actually pretty consistent over the past 4 years. The stream numbers usually bounce around 170k to abit over 200k since vanilla or ultimate came out. The highest it's ever been was >200k (last year or two years ago). As for street fighter 4, this is the FIRST time it's ever hit >200k. All the other years, it was bouncing around between 130k-170k viewers.
  • Re: UMvC3 Stream & Commentary Thread v3

    There's some kind of KVO after tournament thing going on right now.
  • Re: The Android thread. Questions, comments, help, etc.

    I have the Oneplus, it's really nice and fast. I love the feel of the phone too.