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  • Re: Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game

    This game feels nothing like ST.
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    Bleh, pallete swaps. Hopefully they are alts a la EX characters in KOF and don't take up two slots.

    Good for 16, probably will be the game's grappler. And 17 will be there as he should be, 18's assist.
  • Re: Games that haven't aged well.

    Ghosts and Goblins is pretty clunky but Daimakaimura/Ghouls and Ghosts is a masterpiece of the genre and a notch above the best Castlevania (which are still great games, but not as tight as an arcade game is).

    Magnificient level design, visuals, enemies and bosses, fun and varied weapons and excellent use of RNG. Only flaw is that a couple of weapons are garbage and you need to actively avoid them to win. Still top 5 Capcom game, easily.
  • Re: Fighting Game Comedy

    Paolochun wrote: »

    That image should be entirely made of "not you" save for the A3 portrait.
  • Re: Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures

    GCs weren't a problem in AC, once people figured out how to play against her she became just another character. There was nothing wrong with her design and it was a breath of fresh air in a series heavily slanted towards offense. People complain about Axl a lot in this game too, some people just want everyone to be variations of rushdown.
    If I play Baiken I want good defense, for good offense there's the majority of the cast already.

    And it's not only her GCs, they messed her tatamis too. Just a bad design overall.