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  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    Goku with armor, followed by base Goku and base Vegeta later... well, the positive is that I won't be paying more than the base game I guess.
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    Dime wrote: »
    Cronopio wrote: »
    The problem is that he's the best assist in the game and a very strong character himself. Unless you use some sort of specialized team there's not that much of a reason to not use Vegeta right now.

    Also the game doesn't seem to have varied play styles because any sort of keep away is 100% demolished by vanish & super dash. You can bait them somewhat but once your in the air only consistent option against super dash are supers and invuln moves as far as I can tell. Some normals work from some angles sometimes, but that seems fairly inconsistent generally with poor risk-reward if you mess up.

    So you rush down and Vegeta locks them down for 30 years while covering all tech options. I've been playing some other characters, but it gets harder to argue against replacing goku or goku black (when vegeta isn't already on my team) with vegeta considering the massive boon to the single play style allowed in the game. Goku black i think is a better character than vegeta though, beam assists have their own massive boons also since Vegeta doesn't reach fullscreen.

    I honestly wish ki attacks (5S, 2S, and j.S) had more viability in the neutral, beams are decent but my only complaint with the game is its hard to argue 'playing what you want' when most of the cast is so similar there seem to be some characters that have the same stuff ... plus a little more. Why not play the ones with 'a little more'?

    This is true, but only with what we know so far. We still haven’t had a meta defining early team come up. Just characters that are strong that are thrown together.

    Till a good meta team comes about that stacks synergies and the sum of its parts get stronger when coupled to its teammates, it’s hard to make any general calls on the game.

    Like yeah, most characters seem to play the same, but if you look at their movelist with regards to specials, ex moves, S button functionality and and varying properties of normal moves, there’s ALOT of differences in the cast it’s just that the game is being played at such a basic level right now that it’s going to come off homogenous for the most part because no one really knows how to make use of the non basic shit yet.

    I really doubt we will see something other than in-your-face pure rushdown in this game as things stand. Zoning is pretty much completely out of the question with homings, vanishes and deflects. At most you can pressure some with them and use beams as long range pokes into vanish combos, but a true defensive strategy around zoning will not work.

    And with how limited defensive options are and how easy it is to get in... just why not go and rush? There are no invincible backdashes, no pushblock, no chicken block since you are vulnerable during prejump, guardcancels are not very effective and meterless invincible moves are scarce. Couple that with assist pressure and I think all points to pure offense, and the dominating characters so far (Cell, 18, Vegeta, etc) take advantage of that very well. At least before some major system tweaks in a revision I don't see strategies changing that much, at most some characters will shift around if someone finds better ways to do that offense than what's currently known.

    One thing that really boggles my mind is the lack of a pushblock mechanic. Guilty Gear has Faultless Defense, Marvel has pushblocking, but here with so many ways to get in there's no such mechanic. I think the addition of pushblock would make the game more interesting than it is right now with all the easy pressure.
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    Naeras wrote: »
    You can vanish my beams on reaction if you really want to, but do you really want to spend a single bar on getting 850 damage on me and sending me back fullscreen?

    I do, once I hit I put a beam assist to keep the enemy pinned and go in their face again. Worst case scenario vanish resets the situation and you stop any kind of zone control your enemy had.

    Guilty Gear "zoning" has never really been zoning as it is not the primary goal but just another means to start offense, but in this game it is nearly non-existent since your enemy can always get out of any zone you put him into. Then there's also deflect that negates pushback and chip completely and you can cancel into a lvl3 or vanish to thwart zoning. Also converting from a beam isn't really zoning, it's more of a long range poke/punish you can do, but you can't base your strategy on controlling and confining an opponent where you want to with these mechanics.

    Homing dashes not only have the advantage of going through ki blasts, they are also pretty hard to contest with anything other than 2H as they tend to beat or clash with many normals. From far away they are not that hard to AA with 2H, but if you are airborne things get tougher and at mid range they are significantly harder to react to and if you fail you have them on your face at a neutral situation where you have to guess what they will do.

    Arc really wants to be on your opponent's face in this game and all mechanics and lack of defensive options on block point to that. I can have fun with that since I like Vampire Savior which is pretty much that (although with much better normals and pushblocks and useful guardcancels), but I would prefer more strategical variety and that the game didn't punish defensive play so much. Arc really hates defensive playstyles.

  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    Naeras wrote: »
    This might be just me, but I get a bit confused when people say that "zoning isn't a thing in this game" and cite superdashes and vanishes as the reasons why. Those are not the approach options that scare me when I try to keep people out.

    You can pretty much vanish on reaction to beams, Kis are stuffed by homing, mashable parry that you can cancel into vanish to punish beams. Pretty hard to keep someone in a certain zone with projectiles when they have all those tools.
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition