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  • Re: Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game

    LordxMugen wrote: »
    Less normals because EVERY MOVE every character has is good. Also lows arent needed because the game uses a triangle Attack, Block, Throw system like in the original game. This makes Throw the new way to open up blocks. Maybe if you did some research, you would know that.

    OK, let's see Sim. He uses these normals:

    Far LP: counters some forward charging moves (headbutt, Blanka Ball). AA from max range.

    Far MP: long range poke.

    Far HP: long range poke and AA in certain matchups, punisher.

    Far MK: preemptive AA, also AA at some distances, also can beat or trade FB attempts.

    Far: similar to MK but more damage, longer range and recovery.

    Back LP: AA at 45° close range approx.

    Back MP: AA for jumps that aim at your head and get past close LP.

    Back HP: punisher at close range, combo after AA or crossup slide.

    Back LK: AA against characters like Guile.

    Back HK: good meaty, can stop forward charging moves.

    Cr. back LP: AA at max range, tick, great priority.

    Cr. back LK: tick.

    Cr back MK: medium tick, combos into itself.

    Cr. back HK: AA from max range.

    Crounching far punches: far AA against certain characters, goes under some projectiles like Guile's.

    Slides: AA from different distances against characters like shotos. LK is a great tick, MK can crossup after a noogie against Claw and Chun.

    Jump MK: beats some moves like Sagat's TU, far poke, AA.

    Jump HK: AA against things like walldives and some Chun jumps.

    Jump MP: anti walldive.

    Jump HP: AA against some high priority jump ins that beat your ground AAs like Chun or Honda.

    All those are useful, his AA normals have very specific ranges and you must use the correct one from the right distance. Now, how do you have a character like that with one normal button?

    Also ST had lows and throws, very powerful ones that are harder to reverse, and lows were a great way to punish tech attempts besides hitting low and being AAs. Maybe if you actually played ST you would know that.

    And Sim is an extreme example, but really most characters in ST have way more useful normals than you can get from a single button. If you don't see how this greatly dumbs depth down and how it goes against the design of a game with a very complex ground game like ST... then nothing will.
  • Re: Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game

    This is a game with slow walk speeds, much worse normals, much less depth in terms of ground game due to less normals and no lows (for example a Dhalsim that has a myriad of AAs -all necessary- is lost in this setup), a throw system that lets you counter the attacker (that now incorporates a throw button), the physics are completely different, input variety is lost even with ghetto attempts like Geiger, one button specials that make reacting to stuff much easier, effectively affecting how the game plays because lowering execution never affects "execution" alone in a vacuum... and so on.

    This game feels nothing like ST. Saying it is an evolution of it shows very little understanding of ST, or just blind shilling, take your pick. Having a lot of fun with the wild ignorant comparisons though, keep up the good show.
  • Re: Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game

    This game feels nothing like ST.
  • Re: The Game of Thrones OFFICIAL thread

    Yeah people forget that the Dothraki are pretty much the Mongols of GOT, and the Mongols were unstoppable at their prime. As several nomadic horseback archer tribes proved through history, foot infantry is pretty fucked against them. It's just a hard counter. Even armored knights had a tough time since heavier armor means less mobility, and mobility in warfare is king.

    It makes perfect sense for Jaime to be scared shitless, even with no dragons their infantry was doomed, with dragon assist it was a massacre.
  • Re: Games that haven't aged well.

    They are not simply different kinds, Konami's are much shallower. Let's take the X-Men example. The combat system is a mess. Hit detection is bad, hitboxes are very wonky. Throws in particular are a bitch to pull off compared to a Capcom game. No depth to the combo system above "knock them down then OTG infinite".

    There's not much you can do either. You have your regular attack string, a divekick, a neutral jump attack an OTG, a turn around attack and a desperation move. Compare to The Punisher, also a 1992 game. You have piledrivers, shoulder toss, jump throws, holds, desperation throws, OTG grabs, dashes, rolls, flying kick, the special axe kick, running kick, triangle jumps, the different kinds of grenade toss, the gun sections, all the different weapons which you can even hurl at the enemy from a jump... The difference in depth and options is massive, and all these aren't just for show or for the sake of adding lots of stuff, they are all very useful and necessary.

    There's also very little in the way of level design. Enemies just spawn and come at you with little regard to well organized formations and placement. Silly AI, too. Whereas in a Capcom game you would have enemies that go point blank to get you, others would attack from a distance, others would try to circle you, some would prowl other parts of the screen while the main mob deals with you... In X-Men everyone just comes at you and you hit them and maybe jump divekick to reposition and start again.

    Not that much variety to the enemies themselves either. Overabundance of mini-sent cannon fodder, then you have a rocket guy sometimes. First levels are pretty much that. Then you have lizard guys later which you dodge the tail spin and kill. And the monster things that vomit stuff that you hit once with a jab and then mash to kill. The flying things are pretty annoying thanks to terrible attack boxes. Not much to say here really, even the bosses are pretty dull too.

    I could go on and on, there's no equivalence in any way. Don't get me wrong, as a kid I used to love TMNT and The Simpsons and X-Men, but that was because at that time I was a fan of all those shows, I liked the presentation and I just mashed stuff with little thought. Now that I understand the genre much better, the defects stand out very badly for me.