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  • Re: Everything sold. Close please. Thanks

    your pics arent working. Photobucket sucks switch to imgur
  • Re: Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

  • Re: Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

    Very nice for your first attempt. You gotta do me a favor though and get some type of x-acto knife and trim up that artwork so it's in line with the plexi.

    Also suggest using some stainless screws to hold your plexi on the stick. Those screws your using are going to rusty up, and quick

  • Re: Namco Stick Appreciation!

    gahrling wrote: »
    DEZALB wrote: »
    How shallow is the namco case compared to the hori fighting stick (PS/NEO/SS) line? Just curious since ive been doing alot of hori stick mods lately.

    The dimensions are similar, but with the old school Hori FS range you can drop in something like a LS-56 with no hassle what so ever. However there's no escaping the pain that a Namco stick will give you when modding it.

    Actually to mount a LS56 at the proper height and keeping the orginal shaft/cover its alot harder. Had to modify shaft and actuator.
    DEZALB wrote: »
    Hori Fighting Stick Neo 2 with a Seimitsu LS56 and Seimitsu PS14G buttons. Just modded this for a member. Due to shallow case i had to modify the LS56 shaft to match the bottom half of the Hori shaft. Other methods like swapping shafts didnt work because stick height was coming out to about 20.5mm



    SHAFT1_zpsxzdou7t8.jpg SHAFT2_zpsupg4g0tq.jpg

  • Re: Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

    Darksakul- Thank man
    Agieze wrote: »
    Nice job shortening the shaft, the result is clean.
    What did you do with the actuator though, did you cut it to length keeping the spring compressed as much as in stock form (thus keeping same clearance between spring retainer and actuator as in stock form) ?

    Also, since you reduced the lower portion of the shaft in an already small size joystick, if you pull the balltop upwards until actuator contacts the spring retainer, does this get the edge of the shaft, the clip or the edge of the actuator get stuck wit the switch hinge levers ?
    I ended up cutting the LS56 actuator to match the length of the hori actuator. As far as pulling on the joystick i cant tell you, i slightly pulled on it when i was testing it just to make sure nothing would come loose/undone since i modded it. Seems to be fine.