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  • Re: Best way to get into Tekken

    As said before, movement is the key. Learning which way to sidestep attacks, how to create space keeping walls in mind. Id say play alot of tekken tag 2 solo character so you dont get used to those tag combos. Also, you didnt mention what character you were looking to get into, but if its Mishimas you just made learning movement that much harder. Time to practice crouchdash cancels and all that good stuff. Good luck, T7 looks pretty legit. I stopped playing Tag 2 cause it got stale. Finally a new Tekken
  • Re: Brook Universal Fighting Board Thread

    i have one last dumb question , which update is the one i want? I see two of them on brooks site, i assume the one with
    Cagan wrote: »
    armi0024 wrote: »
    The original and the mini are exactly the same.

    the Kameleon allows for usb switching so you can program without opening the stick if you stack it on a Brook UFB or PS360

    Ohhh that's sexy. Also why does focus attack sell the brook? I thought it was paradise arcade / arcadeshock exclusive?

    They only had first run exclusively I believe. Do you not want other stores to carry it?
  • Re: Brook PS3/PS4 "Fightboard" PCB Thread

    i saw the vid on the first page, but are there any numbers for input lag test on ps4 and ps3? At work and cant browse too much right now. lol
  • Re: Hori to sell Hayabusa and Kuro separately!

    How does the stick compare to the usual suspects?(ls32,ls56,jlf)
  • Re: I want to try every stick possible! Help!

    I suggest trying a seimitsu ls40. If you like that stick, use it. If you wish the throw was shorter then buy a ls56. If you find you don't like how short the throw is on the ls40 then go ls32 or hayaubusa.

    I think that would be the best order to try jap sticks without buying all at once. But their is no substitution for thefeel of an American stick. Jlw is the closest j stick to it. Which focusattack now carries. But I'm pretty sure you can find a old case to throw some American parts in if that's what you really want instead of trying to make something you don't like work.