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  • Re: Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

    id say go orange
  • Re: Sega VSHG OWNERS need your help....

    platynumx wrote: »
    Misread your first post. Was thinking didn't fit depth wise. My bad.
    your good, that might be the case too.

    Dark- hmm, maybe he meant with a universal plate plus existing mounting jlf surface the ls32 would fall short.
    Looks like I should just wait until I have a VSHG in my hands before trying to figure out what i can get in there. Guess most ppl just keep the jlf.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    Finally found somebody to make a plexi for my omni. EJM hooked it up. Kept the 35mn hole so I can easily switch to a k stick if I want.
    Very happy with it. Just wanted to give fellow omni owners a heads up. Cause it's no fun looking for a custom plexi for these badboys



  • Re: WTS: Hrap3 ps4 korean fanta modded stick with black glossy plexiglass.

    Id suggest posting the stick up for sale on facebook group TOM if your a tekken player
  • Re: Best way to get into Tekken

    As said before, movement is the key. Learning which way to sidestep attacks, how to create space keeping walls in mind. Id say play alot of tekken tag 2 solo character so you dont get used to those tag combos. Also, you didnt mention what character you were looking to get into, but if its Mishimas you just made learning movement that much harder. Time to practice crouchdash cancels and all that good stuff. Good luck, T7 looks pretty legit. I stopped playing Tag 2 cause it got stale. Finally a new Tekken