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  • Sega VSHG OWNERS need your help....

    For those of you who own a VSHG, have you ever tried mounting a zippy joystick long shaft version?
    I heard the cp is too thick to mount a ls32. Also wondering if the depth of the mounting space would be as issue too.
    Would prefer a zippy over jlf or any of seimitsu's other offerings.
  • Re: My wife can't sleep while I play STV

    The real reason she probably cant sleep is she cant bare that ur playing SFV and not Third Strike, makes her toss and turn at night
  • Re: My wife can't sleep while I play STV

    sleeping pills in her dinner? If you havent you should set up furthest from her wall in the room your playing at.
    Honestly, my gf could sleep while i played in the same room at night on my stick. Ive never used that stick nor do i know loud it is compared to sanwa/seimitsu flavors, but she probably needs to do a sleep study if its keeping her awake.
    Maybe there is a pea under her mattress
  • Re: FS or FT: Strategy guides.

    How cheap will you let the sf x tekken book go for? Want it just to have something to read on the shitter .
    shipped to 77043
  • Kowal Short throw mod + LS56

    I searched and didnt see much on it. Has anyone tried this combo? Somebody that has experience with LS32 sticks. I plan to buy buttons and a stick for my back up stick. My main has ls38, my ps/dc has ls32 and i was going to pick ls32 for my ps3/pc/ps2 backup stick. But i wouldnt mind mixing it up alittle. I owned the ls56 for awhile, it was pretty good, but LS32/38 is my stuff. Just curious is the ls56 mod make that much of a difference feel wise