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  • Re: USF4-PC on Steam is SUPERB NOW??? *GASP*

    wbacon [capcom]: It's unfortunate seeing other Japanese publishers shift focus in their business, but Capcom's strength is in the core gaming segment. We're not letting our foot off the gas pedal.
    DarkSamus: great to know
    DarkSamus: Capcoms change of keeping PC in the loop has not gone un-noticed by me
    DarkSamus: PC getting the SFv beta?
    DarkSamus: or is that exclusive to console?
    wbacon [capcom]: yeah, PC will continue to be part of the mix
    wbacon [capcom]: SF5 on PC will also have beta program too! We'll have more info soon
    DarkSamus: cool
    wbacon [capcom]: beta access is part of the SF5 pre-order
    DarkSamus: yeah, I know that
    DarkSamus: Just wanted sure PC was involved in the beta
    wbacon [capcom]: Considering cross-platform play, getting early feedback and telemetry is vital to SF5's success
    DarkSamus: I figured as much
    wbacon [capcom]: With Valve recently improving performance and stability on the peer-to-peer network stack/API, I'm very optimistic PC performance will be good. USF4's recent perf. improvement is a testament to that.
    DarkSamus: So we should expect SFV pre-orders to go up soonish?
    DarkSamus: sounds fair
    DarkSamus: USF4 improved tonnes with the update to steam
    wbacon [capcom]: Yes, it took a while to get to where we are today; there was only so much the game client side could have done. SSF4AE/USF4's underlying net code/logic hasn't changed drastically from GFWL as it was quite optimized already - just the difference in the platform's network API design that complicated matters. Thankfully Valve engineers came to rescue, collaborated with our developers, identified the source of the problem, and fixed the issue on the platform side.
    DarkSamus: Really excited to see how SF5 turns out
    wbacon [capcom]: Hopefully other fighting games can also take advantage of Steam's improved P2P network API.
    DarkSamus: indeed, would be nice to see all fighters on steam take advantage of the improved p2p

    Good to know that PC won't be left in the dark concerning the SFV beta
  • Re: Random Image Thread 3rd Strike: NSFW images don't belong here!

    Paid $44 for both copies of this...

    I will keep one copy shrink wrapped for life.
  • Re: USF4-PC on Steam is SUPERB NOW??? *GASP*

    Here is a "snippet" from a conversation with Wbacon a week or so ago...
    wbacon [capcom]: I think the fighting team will announce something very soon. I don't know exactly, but they are trying to put together a nice update for the community
    DarkSamus: I wouldn't be surprised
    wbacon [capcom]: obviously the net issue is still on the agenda and they're not abandoning the game
    DarkSamus: I know we have the trials they already announced
    DarkSamus: Online edition select as well
    wbacon [capcom]: it's sensitive issue on how and what information to share, so I think they want to be careful how to present the info.
    DarkSamus: yeah
    wbacon [capcom]: nothing is always going to 100% satisfy the community, and not just the online issue but new features, fan requests, additional balancing, etc. It's a constantly evolving game

    Because I couldn't get anything concrete I didn't bother to share it before now.
    But we can take some things from this...

    It is not possible that something is not happening at all when you consider that we do have updated trials and online edition select to be added yet (both off which we were promised more details about after all digital releases were done)

    So something is certainly happening in the background somewhere, I just think it is disappointing that any further fixes to online likely won't happen before the patch/es to get the new features come to the game.

    The part that frustrates me most though is the fact that if this is correct, we have not had any of the promised further announcements yet about the patch that includes these additions (even console players are in the dark about it) and considering they would announce a date that is likely to be about a month or more in the future it leads me to fear we will get static silence on the matter for another month+
  • Re: USF4-PC on Steam is SUPERB NOW??? *GASP*

    i wish they brought back that song no matter how stupid it was. it got you pumped to play the game.

    on topic, do we need to DL a whole new USF4 file to be in the beta?

    Going by the way RE4UHD beta patches were handled...

    No, once you opt-in to the beta version Steam will just download a new patch just like any other patch.

    Only difference between the beta patch and an official patch is the fact you need to "opt-in" to get it.
    This way if the beta happens to break the game worse (something I pray doesn't happen) you could just opt-out of the beta again and be back to the "non-patched" version.

    Essentially what they are doing is speeding up the release of patches by eliminating most of the testing phase, instead that torch has now been passed to us making us the (beta testers ;) )
    When they get to a point where the issues they are concerned with are eliminated they will likely just push out the newest beta patch as the official patch that everyone is forced to download by default.
  • Re: USF4-PC on Steam is SUPERB NOW??? *GASP*

    Anyone missing any of the prize code titles?

    There are now 15 known prize codes...
    Chocolate-Chip Cookie - 2592B6JIV6CR49
    Angry Dog - LPTPV4J9PMLW5B
    Capcom Fighter - 8TGIXJVLEKEHG8
    Best Combo - 82SPR56FW3JX48
    Better Luck Next Time! - M42OLW0IHGLGMJ
    Breath of Summer - H3EO9O5MZTCMLQ
    Cheers! - 0QLBUU3LB7R8WO
    Justice till the End - 1H98PF2079P43T
    Pro Animator - T9N4MH7IIHT3R0
    Lightning Blast - XVCXTA1Y16R9AG
    Bold Cat - OFU11HD1VC3TJ5
    Absolute Drama - W0ZSV5SYW2ZEEJ
    Skillful Brother - 277B47IFXCUUXB
    Nightmare - 7QSID0IM3PPY3V
    Hit me again - FPWA10SMZ378IT