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  • Re: The official Cthulhu and ChImp thread - Try our new Dreamcast flavor!

    Well the NESRGB-IGR PCB I believe was made well after toodles finalized is code for the MC Cthulhu and the two where never intended to work with each other.
    The MC Cthulhu is listening on to the NES/SNES Clock, Latch and Data lines to know to switch over to NES/SNES functionality.

    Obviously with the Reset of the console this also resets the MC Cthulhu and the MC Cthulhu have to grab data of latch and clock to find out what it's trying to do again.

    As for straight SNES games, the problem you experiencing is not well documented as the MC Cthulhu was only tested against most of the more notable fighters for the console.
    Many SNES games are expecting Nintendo branded SNES controllers and the MC Cthulhu needs to do a "hand-shake" or listen to Clock and latch and data lines to know what system's controller to emulate.

    Actually handshake is the wrong term for whats going on in the computer logic, but for simplification I going with the term for now.
    As the NES and SNES don't actually send a handshake signal like you see with USB protocols.

    Actual SNES and NES controller don't use a real encoder like controllers for later consoles. Instead both the NES and SNES uses a parallel to series shift register (4021), taking the manual parallel inputs of the buttons and changing them into 8 bit binary information for the console to read.

    The SNES and NES consoles already assumes the controller is the correct controller with a 4021, some games don't send any data to the controller as they assume the 4021 is there and not something like the Cthulhu.
    Some games does not allow for the console to initiate the "handshake" until the controller sends some data first. Some games look for a controller and sends a signal for the MC Cthulhu to listen to and know to switch to NES/SNES mode. The problem lies in the fact the Cthulhu is dependent on auto detection and some games and their own controller drivers aren't built right, so the Cthulhu has nothing to listen to and adjust accordingly.

    I think (but I am not too sure) you can force the Kitty into SNES mode, but I don't know the button combination that allows for it. That work with some of the problematic games.
    But it will not help with the NESRGB-IGR as the NESRGB-IGR forces a reset.

    As for the Region question.
    I know the European SNES has issues with any gamepad PCB not made for the European SNES, but there a simple mod that you just remove (and Jumper) or bypass some diodes on the Controller Inputs.
    hence I asked what region you console is for.
  • Re: Bayonetta 3 Coming Exclusively to Nintendo Switch

    Azure wrote: »
    Darksakul wrote: »
    Jack_Frost wrote: »
    Azure wrote: »
    Jack_Frost wrote: »
    Azure wrote: »
    Darksakul wrote: »
    Still the Switch has more games than the Xbox One and the Switch hasn't been out for a year


    But that's a bad metric.

    Switch having Mario Odyssey is pretty much a OHKO for the PS4, even.

    But the punching power of Ninty's entire First Party Wii U lineup wasn't enough to save IT... and the Wii U still at least ties the PS4.

    Cocaine is such a helluva drug

    I wouldn't know.

    How do you do blow whilst blowing Sony?

    That's a neat trick.

    I play on PC

    Why you click dislike for a Pro PC Post then?

    Why care that some hyper-emotional spazz jams his finger on DC like it's the back of his Under-Roos?

    I am asking Jack Frost where is his logic. He DC a post, but then make a post that aligns with the post he just DC.

    I do realize that is a rhetorical question as Jack Frost has no logic.

    But still, have to ask because of the principal of the thing.
  • Re: Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

    I think PC is also getting the collection
  • Re: Magic the Gathering Thread

    Frontier Was invented by Japanese game stores so they can move their "old" stock. As Vintage and Legacy kinda hard to play in Japan, and Modern rarely sees play.
    Japan lacks many of the older sets, so standard was the only format out there and Japan needed a non-rotating format.
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    Fuck it

    For full effect have this playing in another tab

    Lets do it






    I want to protect that smile