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    Everyone wants to play with butteroj's balls. =)
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    I don't feel sorry one bit for anyone who gets screwed on Kickstarter. I'll stick with traditional business measures where you know, the actual business owners carry the risk (and potential reward) instead of the customers taking all of the risk, with really no reward.

    Don't you want your name in the credits, bro? :lol:

    Depending on the game, like Mighty No 9 you may not want too

    Wait... Mighty No. 9 actually came out?

    Yeah it really did, Physical copies exist too.
    The let down part was it's quality is really crap for a PS4/ Xbox One/ Wii U title

    The promised Vita and 3DS versions of the game is still in limbo.

    Well the game did get a release, I didn't say anything about all the promises being meet.
    FrostyAU wrote: »

    You'd think that would have been priority one. A game like that is designed for the eStore and handhelds.

    You think. But PC/Consoles get the priority not handhelds. PC/ Console versions are actually easier to make than a handheld version.
    Handhelds has more restrictive hardware limits, making polishing off the game much harder.

    Alot of Kickstater Indie games did drop their Wii U versions, to the horror of those who came in on the promise of a Wii U version, but other versions of the game were promised.

    From the people who did the remake of Shadowgate, they supposed to make a Android and iOS versions, they never did. They offer Steam or GOG codes of the game as well as they threw in free copies of their other games.
    Something about the Android and iOS SDKs are not compatible with their engine or some crud. And Shadowgate was one of the more respectable Kickstarters games.
    But overall they have a high provably rating.

    On the other extreme you have the Ouya, Kickstarter campaign was hugely successful, and all pledges has been for filled, but the Ouya it self is a humongous failure.
    EVARGNUG wrote: »
    The lockpicking mini-game in Kingdom Come: Deliverance has whooped my ass. Eventually, with practice, I'll get good at it but it was obviously designed for m/kb. Keeping tension on an analog and having to rotate them both at the same time is a new level of tedious. The devs for this game are some OG thuglifers lol.

    Harder than Skyrim's lockpicking?

    The hell? Skyrim's lockpicking game is easy asf.

    Easy if you know the in and outs, especially if you spend anytime on the lock picking skill and add some perk points.
    Its even easier on the Switch, as you get better rumble feedback than on other consoles.

    But I know so many people for the life of them, can't pick locks in Skyrim or Fallout.
  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE...for a price!

    Eskills wrote: »
    Shit wasn't there a spell to unlock shit? :rofl:

    D&D does, it's called Knock.