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Darksakul · Your lack of faith disturbs me ·


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  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: PSX 2017 12/8 - 12/10: Playstation presents 12/8 @ 8pm PT/ 11pm ET




    Haters can suck it.
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    Azure wrote: »
    @angelpalm was agreeing with you, @drizzt360 .

    As does @Raz0r and as do I.

    As does anyone with even a single lick of sense or humanity.

    People in SRK have Humanity? I though everyone here is a filthy animal
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    BB_Hoody wrote: »
    angelpalm wrote: »
    You could have the biggest set of tits ever but if that ass is flat you need to fall back. Hit that gym. No excuses. And no fake butts.

    Can any woman really develop a phat ass just by going to the gym and eating more? I mean genetics play a factor in that right? Some women can do all that but maybe they just don't put weight on around the thighs and ass like that. They just end up with a tight atlhletic butt. But I guess that's better than flat.

    The glutis maximums is a muscle.
  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: PSX 2017 12/8 - 12/10: Playstation presents 12/8 @ 8pm PT/ 11pm ET

    ShogunZ wrote: »
    affinity wrote: »
    found Monster Hunter World beta download under the deluxe whatever edition. it's in the game section below the base game and other edition. PS Plus required.

    Holy fucking shit, a useful affinity post.

    Can't be. You must of imagined it
  • Re: SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT MEGA MAN 11!!!!!!! (RIP Po 19XX-2017)

    Darksakul wrote: »
    Darksakul wrote: »
    Why dont they make a MMPowered up 2 on digital distribution (PSN, Steam etc...) is beyond me, the game was crazy fun. Heck so was Megaman X PSPver.

    As far as storylines goes. Z ties in directly into Zx and both are other. The end of Zx2 is basically the tie in to Megaman Legends. And yeah Megaman X serie was supposed to end at X5 from a story viewpoint. And get into the Z serie.
    Instead of that neat ending, albeit a bit dark, we got shoestring budget X6 into the garbarge riot that was X7 and everything Axl touch turn to crap. Then they somewhat tried again to tie the story of X8 into Z...weird ass stuff.
    MM11 seem pretty boring. It doesnt look charming like powered up, it's just...plain. Like some random unity indie game with below-average gameplay.

    Legends was a separate unrelated timeline

    And MM11 boring? The game still in alpha.

    Legends isn't separate. Legends is the far future of the timeline.

    How So? The remains of X put down the foundation so someone/something could build Volnutt?
    I didn't bother looking into that far into the ZX contrivancy

    That some Hideo Kojima level contrivance

    The supplementary materials established that Legends takes place several thousand years after all the other mainline games. In the Zero games heavily imply that Ciel develops the refractors, the main source of energy in the Legends games. Zero games planted the seeds of reploid/human hybrids. A development that receives greater focus on the ZX series when it introduces biometals and the hybrids are commonplace. This falls in line with Legends 2 where it's revealed the entire human population is artificial with Volnutt and Data safeguarding the only remaining pure human genetic code.

    I think my brain has broken now.