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  • Re: American Government Thread 2: State of The Memo

    po pimpus wrote: »
    Infernoman wrote: »
    Optimus124 wrote: »
    and what period of time would that have been?

    It was never great.

    America. World's Okayest Country.

    More like America: Everyone Else Is So Terrible, We're Great By Default.

    Actually from traveling the rest of the world, this is more true than anyone wants to admit.
    People don't realize much of European cities outside the usual tourist trappings and city centers look alot like Detroit, the bad side of Detroit.
    Rural areas can get as backwards as you can get. Some Villages only got electricity and plumbing in the 21st century.
  • Re: SR-2K$ Lounge: Smash Killed Evo and SRK

    The Rebooted Reboot is just straight ass, barely passible to anyone except those with nostalgia goggles on.
    And the original series was meh for 90's Saturdays Morning Cartoon standards anyways.

  • Re: SR-2K$ Lounge: Smash Killed Evo and SRK

  • Re: American Government Thread 2: State of The Memo

    Two-knife stabbing rampage at Pennsylvania high school injures 22, suspect in custody

    Twenty-two people were injured when a 16-year-old boy went on a stabbing rampage at a Pennsylvania high school early Wednesday, leaving five students in critical condition, authorities said.

    Sophomore Alex Hribal allegedly brandished two large knives in the bloody attack as he darted between several classrooms and down a hallway at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville — a typically peaceful community about 18 miles east of Pittsburgh.

    Twenty-one students and an adult security guard were wounded, officials said.

    Obviously we need to look into mental health more.
  • Re: Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

    Oh here the pics to the mod I mentioned

    Here the inside of my PC Duo

    I had accidentally pulled the solder pads for the CD activity LED.
    I had the Replacement LED leads a lit long on purpose to preposition the Light, and moving the LED caused the pads to lift. Hence you see the repairs made with kynar wire to reroute the LED.

    Here is the Power LED in action

    The Red gets washed up more in Photos than in person, but here is the Blue CD drive indicator light in action.