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Its cool. I ended up doing a lot of eating around different places and money matching, hanging out in the salty suite etc. You were the first good Spencer I've played in a while so it was good playing you the few games I did. Next major we meet up I should have my new theory team ready.


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  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    Someone else that is spikey haired and looks like Goku. Great.

    Android 16 moves at a crazy speed and has the same movement options of most of the other cast, so it's hard to qualify him as a typical big body. I imagine Broly will be similar.
  • Re: The SFV Lounge: SRK is ALIVE. AE Hype is BACK! DISCORD going the way of DISCO

    ISDD was using Guile's cheap ass VT2 and still couldn't win. He also jumped during Abigail's VT2 which is the worst thing you can do unless you have something that floats you in the air.
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    Other than being one of the few characters that can do something resembling a zoning game, don't think he's too special or strong.
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    Dime wrote: »
    Dime wrote: »
    I seriously don’t understand how people can play this game online. You have to guess every interaction, guess how much input delay there will be guess where your opponent is going to be... it’s seriously fucked.

    Played a cell that was mixing me up with that slow ass overhead he has... like.. seriously what a joke. Couldn’t block it on reaction for shit. Why do people even bother making fighting games with input delay netcode? It’s a fucking joke. Taking the entire piss.

    stop bein so australian and it helps.

    As long as I got a solid connection I ain't got no issues.

    Input delay still sucks but its not unworkable.

    Fuck that. Shits a joke. Just because some people can play in lag and hit combos consistently doesn’t mean much. At this point the game feels like “who’s the better player in lag” not who’s just the better player.

    I remember 10-0 people offline at sf4, then lose to them 10-0 online, then we meet back up at the meetup spot a week later and I’m still beating them 8-2 or some such. There is no excuse for input delay. The metric for “good player” right now is: can you hit your combos in 3-5 frames of variable input delay? Yeah? Cool. Your a “good player”

    Roll eyes.

    Going to some offline events will fix everything

    Told you about Vegeta's assist. All 8 players in top 8 using it should ring a bell. Especially since everything happens towards the lower part of the screen in this game, an assist that does all of that stuff will be a requirement. The fact that it used to be stronger is nuts considering just about all of the other assists don't come close to its power now
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    I don't like the hold forward to tag thing at all. Creates a lot of unnecessary input issues.