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Its cool. I ended up doing a lot of eating around different places and money matching, hanging out in the salty suite etc. You were the first good Spencer I've played in a while so it was good playing you the few games I did. Next major we meet up I should have my new theory team ready.


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  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Crouching Geezer, Hidden Husbando

    All you have to do is make a smurf account and get to bronze or silver and you'll see all of the sweep spamming Ryus you'll ever need to see. You're basically taking something the cheap metal Ryu players are already doing. I guess sometimes it takes going back to go forward.
  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Crouching Geezer, Hidden Husbando

    You can always play Birdie if you don't wanna be in the opponent's face all of the time. Unless you land a CC then get in their face all day.
  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Crouching Geezer, Hidden Husbando

    I didn't know Twinblades was white
  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Crouching Geezer, Hidden Husbando

    Vhozite wrote: »
    Idk I like current Chun but she seems super meter hungry when i play her.

    EX Legs if I want to buffer into a KD.
    EX SBK for reversal
    EX Kiko to get in/pressure

    Idk maybe I play her wrong. I use her the same way I play Guile.

    That was the thing. In Season 1 you could use IALL as an intermediate to continue pressure and combo with until you had more meter, but now you're burning meter to gain momentum a lot of the time. That's why I prefer Juri at this point because you can just charge a V Skill and then remove a lot of the screen space for the opponent or charge up a fireball store and now you can set up plus on block scenarios and throw out a fireball that the opponent can't press buttons against. While holding onto your meter for reversals or adding damage to combos later. Her EX moves don't have much great neutral use, but that's a good thing in some ways as you'll have super more often any way.

    Or you can just play Ibuki and get stun causing set plays after every landed EX kunai.

    Gamora still high to top tier. Just doesn't destroy zoning with her rushdown bullets anymore. Easy to use and once people learn how to instant overhead into combo with her you won't be able to let her get in without getting hit very soon after. Has a ridiculous c.LK low that goes into combos that's even longer than Dante's. She has good buttons and projectile gun shots that basically act as footsies that beat buttons. Meaning she's very tough to land a clean hit on once you understand how to put shit on the screen with her.

    Firebrand should still be pretty good, but he's kinda one of those good in theory characters like he was in early Marvel 3.

    Thanos is a good support character for a lot of teams. Not top tier by himself but he makes a lot of other high tier characters better.

    Captain Marvel is good, but she's not cheap (yet) so about high mid. Solid point character that provides decent support as well.

    Captain America is solid. Not amazing but solid if he gets the right amount of support. Not great by himself, but you're not really supposed to play Captain by himself.

    Chris is a little bit less mediocre, but still probably mediocre.

    X is a good support character for other characters and gets better when you equip him with mind stone. He doesn't need a hit box/spammy surge as he can already put shit on the screen. Just give him mine surge so people start chicken blocking when he gets near them. Then when you activate storm you have plenty of meter for charged up armor where all of his specials and supers get more oppressive and become stronger assists for your point character.