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Its cool. I ended up doing a lot of eating around different places and money matching, hanging out in the salty suite etc. You were the first good Spencer I've played in a while so it was good playing you the few games I did. Next major we meet up I should have my new theory team ready.


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  • Re: MvCI Meta and Tier Discussion

    I hear Marvels is ridiculous
  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC is 4 Marvel characters, 2 Capcom. Black Widow confirmed

    Megaman is good
  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC is 4 Marvel characters, 2 Capcom. Black Widow confirmed

    Fuck what is safe and what is not? I feel like chun and captain marvel can do whatever.

    This is not a "safe or isn't safe" game for the most part. Crack cracks out. You're going to have to throw out SF mentality to get into how punishing works in this game.

    Most anime games are already kinda games where you can take multiple turns. They are exactly opposite of SFV where outside of meaty oki pressure is a very your turn is over after you run out of meter type game with lots of minus punishable moves or minus moves that give up your turn.

    Then Marvel turns it up to 10 because of the tag system and how there's always a way to burn meter, tag in or attack cancel something to get your turn continued. The only time Marvel gets somewhat honest where you can look for block punishes is when you're fighting a solo character that doesn't have a storm ready and has no meter. Some characters have some situations where they are actually unsafe once that happens.

    Punishment in Marvel traditionally revolves more around movement and forcing people to whiff things that can be blown up by air dashing in for a punish or burning a beam super on them. This is why characters with strong movement in Marvel are generally high tier as they are better at finding those situations. A basic thing to do is air throw people out of gapped offense that isn't tight. Something Chris G was pretty much the champion of in Marvel 3.

    Reactionary defense is mostly through movement and sniping things with air dash ins, air throws or supers. Otherwise you gotta push block real good or counter switch/super out.
  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC is 4 Marvel characters, 2 Capcom. Black Widow confirmed

    I guess I wanna

  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    It's just easier to complain because it makes your character look weak and if you're looking for knee jerk balance buffs, best thing to do is cry wolf until Capcom pads you up. Which then most of the people that get those buffs probably aren't at the skill level where it's going to matter any way. Urien got a lot of good shit but hardly anyone wins tourney shit with him other than Nemo

    There's too many characters that aren't top tier that are winning events so at some point youre going to want to use your own mind to get the most out of your character. The characters don't only get better through patches. That's the new age Ono era mentality that gets people lazy and not bother until X top player finally wins something. Gief, Juri and Nash winning are good examples. Do those characters need more things? Possibly. Do they have enough to win events? I would say so

    There were even people that made it seem like Akuma needed much more than 900 health. If he got much more than that Tokido would have probably run through most of the events already as opposed to being dominant at a recent few