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  • Re: Biggest 3S Event of the Year: Clash of the Titans at TFC, Raleigh, NC

    Duralath wrote: »
    Can't wait for the next one, and I promise, one less beer

    No fun in that, I need at least one other person in the room with a beer in their hand by early afternoon.

    Uh, that actually was me over the course of the weekend.

    Watch the stream archive from friday night; you'll understand why.
  • Re: Frequently Asked Questions Thread

    Greenwood wrote: »
    Tebbo wrote: »
    iirc someone tried the psnow version and it was awful.

    Why was it trash? I didn't see any problems with it, but I only had the psnow version during a free week trial so I didn't get to play too much.

    Laggy. Like, worse than the initial PS3/360 release. Ugh.
  • Re: Karin Match Up Thread: Oops! Sorry! Can I still play?

    With all the Bisons I've faced, it's a drag-out matchup unless the Bison does not know how to play using fundamentals. I often feel that the key to the match-up is making sure you're at the money spot where Bison is forced to approach using dash or a Devil's Reverse, things you can react to. If he's able to tag you with his s.forward, you're too close, IMO. He has to fish for damage more than you do.

    Jab into JFT. Best tool. Learn it. Use it. Punish bad Scissors with this Rock. Even on EX Scissors, if you have reversal timing with jab the worst you get is a trade, as far as my buddy has told me.
  • Re: 3rd Strike General Discussion Thread

    Looks like I'm going to EVO.

    I'll bring a CRT. I think. The one in my garage should still work.
  • Re: Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread

    If Alex does get a low confirm into special/super, then EX Flash Chop/Slash Elbow cannot do exorbitant amounts of damage.

    Part of the fear that was 3S Alex was that if his momentum was good, the game would turn instantly in your favor. Problem was, though, that a lot of what he did was punishable or easily telegraphed. It was sort of a this-for-that deal.

    While I wouldn't be against giving him a low hit confirm, I just wonder what is done to balance it out, if he loses out on damage/stun in the process or what not.

    Also, they need to retain the disjointed hitbox property on his b.fierce (HEADBUTT). That's just fucking neat and such a useful tool.