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  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    Dragon Ball in my Street Fighter story thread?

    I expected better from you Daemos!
    bakfromon wrote: »

    It's not interesting in the sense of canon-based stories like the Akuma vs Ryu fight which is sort of like an amalgamation of all of their canon and non-canon fights together. It's an interesting read in terms of how Elena and Chun act towards one another which isn't out of characterization, and anytime I see a line of dialogue from Elena I kind of hear her USF4 voice speaking, but reading about the fight itself is sort of bland. They ultimately feel like filler in terms of the actual focus of the story which is basically about Ryu.

    If you're a shotoclone fan than its great so you'll probably really enjoy reading about them. If you're not a shotoclone fan and expect to see the other characters to get the same treatment, well, you'll get a fight (maybe with a fan favorite of yours) with some descriptive writing behind it. It'll tie into the underlying theme of the book (finding strength, the power in understanding one another through a fight, finding and learning from people stronger or better than yourself) but that's pretty much it.

    I'm expecting that to change in the Sagat vs Bison fight, but since they have a history with one another in canon it should transfer well into the book.

    I'm expecting that the fights between 2 characters that don't have a history with one another in canon will sort of fall short with the fights in the book between 2 characters who actually have a canon history between them.

    I was kinda disappointed in the Chun vs Elena pairing, Cammy vs Chun would have been a much more interesting battle between the classic waifus.

    I know you don’t actually play SF because you think there’s an interesting Cammy match up.
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    Fuck, that’s two ending cameos for El Fuerte. I’m very scared fam...
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    ^ read that in Bison’s voice btw
  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    Ukio wrote: »
    Already saw vids of that Ingrid costume Karin. It's creepy as shit. In an Uncanny Valley sort of way.

    Yeah but what did the Ingrid costume change?
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    Poll's back up:
    Poison, Dudley, Maki and Gen in top 30 #bless
    Sodom, Elena, and Hakan in top 50 #bless
    Cammy, Karin not in top 10 #bless

    Blanka in top 10
    E. Ryu in top 30
    V. Ken, Oni, Decapre, and Dark Sakura in top 50
    No newcomers other than Rashid in top 50
    Eagle not in top 50

    I guess I can also break down the results into some winners and losers, particularly compared to the old poll:
    - Total # of choices went from 67 to 109 (this might influence some things tbh)
    - Newcomers to top 8/10: Makoto (formerly #22), Cody (formerly #15), Blanka (formerly #20)
    - DETHRONED: Ken (#2 -> #15), Karin (#7 -> #18), Cammy (#5 -> #11)
    - Zeku, Necalli, and Birdie are the least popular SFV characters (though Zeku was barely revealed then, so he might have moved past Ed by now)
    - All newcomers were behind V. Ken and well behind E. Ryu, only Rashid and Laura were high enough to beat CYBER AKUMA. In fact, Rashid and Laura were the only ones ahead of most EX characters, El Fuerte, and Twelve. LET THAT SINK IN.
    - The twelve most popular characters that could return in SFV (and aren't EX characters) would be Makoto, Q, Poison, Evil Ryu, Dudley, Dan, Fei Long, Guy, Oro, Viper, Rose, and Maki. Yun and Gen are also feasible, as they round out the top 30.
    - Even if you factor in that the timing of this poll made characters not in SFV S2 more attractive (right before S3, some people use it as a request forum), the most surprising jumps were probably Dan, Maki, and Gen. Gen being at #30 might not sound like much, but bear in mind that before he was just #42 in the 2013 poll of 67 characters, so making #30 after the introduction of EX and the SFV newcomers (beating all of them but Skullomania, in fact!) is rather interesting.
    - It's safe to say that Birdie and Necalli have fallen rather flat, imo.
    - Juri and Chun-Li are very popular, but they were barely used in SFV during the month of December!
    - Inversely, Guile/Ken/Cammy are in the top 5 online usage but didn't break top 10 in the poll. Perhaps these players aren't satisfied with their characters?