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  • Re: The SSJ5 General Thread: E3 happening but Ono doesn't Spirit Bomb

    Ed is probably the worst design of all the cast, bland as shit

    also lol at the move list, no way i can take seriously anyone playing him at high level
  • Re: The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April

    so lets see the new patch :

    Urien players will have to burn 2 brain cells instead of one

    balrog players are partying with lauras

    we're already noticing a noticiable higher amount of suicide rate for ryu players population with a minority switching to ibuki/akuma under drugs

    it is now confirmed that SFV director is a gief main
  • Re: The Street Fighter V Lounge: Kolin is COLD HEARTEEEEEEEEED!

    " your character is shit, pick akuma "

    -~Capcom~- .

  • Re: The Street Fighter V Lounge: Tron Bonne rumored as DLC

    fans : we want old SF3/alpha stage as DLC ..
    Capcom : have a vomit simulator with this brand new rashid stage, we think it will greatly please our middle east fans

    fans : please fix the netcod ..
    Capcom : her there, we removed throw advantage

    fans : chun a li is a bit too powerful ..
    Capcom : we buffed here for a better game overall

    fans : we want old characters !
    Capcom : her, have 5 new unknown characters ! PRE ORDER NOW !

    fans : please fix the loading time and the server data upload time/reliability ..
    Capcom : we think Dps are too powerful, we removed the invincibility for a better balanced game

    fans : input latenc ...
    Capcom : you still play this game ?

    but seriously, all S2 changes sound stupid and will turn the game into a defensive fest , mark my words
  • Re: The Street Fighter V Lounge: Tron Bonne rumored as DLC

    Quark wrote: »
    Aqua Snake wrote: »
    Personally my intentions are selfish - as they should be, I'm a paying customer, but it's not for content or cheap shit ( I rarely waste money on digital content)

    I'd just like to see the game get rejuvenated after the bad start. I'd rather there be 1000 players with half of them brand new and half pissed off than just the original 500 players saying " yeah but you said no more games"

    That's how shit slowly dies. They need cash from somewhere and there's only so many Chun Li costumes that can keep Ono in his playboy mansion.

    It's not like most of us haven't spent hundreds of dollars on new versions over the years, fuck they even got us to buy SFXT...

    I think they could pull this off if they create a free to play version new players can download through the PSN and Steam stores similar to how DoA 5 Core Fighters is doing it and tie it to the account. Have it start off with like maybe 4 characters or something. The free to Play model is practically in place.

    Sure there may be concerns about smurfing and increased chance of rage quits, but hopefully they can set things in place to prepare for that.

    Whatever works, I know there was a shit ton of people that started FGs with SSF4 after Vanilla. I can't see how some form of re-Fresh wouldn't be good for the game.

    I don't see why they don't just go F2P at this point. It would provide the perfect opportunity for a re-release and could bring in tons of new players. Since Capcom are greedy dirtbags they should be the first to realize that F2P is more profitable than B2P these days, even if F2P still has a bit of a stigma around it. Maybe that stigma is more pronounced in Japan? IDK.

    But I will say... Riot is probably working on a F2P fighting game of some sort if the Radiant purchase is any indication... if Capcom doesn't tap into the F2P audience before Riot, they are going to lose out on MILLIONS of customers even if Riot's FG is a steaming turd.

    Remember that this is exactly what Riot did with LoL... they took a game/genre that was still relatively niche (Dota) and monetized it by dumbing down the gameplay and adding microtransactions. Now their game is the most popular in the world.

    the problem is because Capcom are greedy they wont even spend the money for a F2p version, even if technically it wouldnt be too complicated to make considering how the current SFV client work, it would still cost them some money, and that would aslo mean managing two different builds of the game, the F2p version and the regular full version, and thats something that should have been there from the get go if they really wanted it

    also a F2p model wouldnt work necessarily, the FGC ( their main and only audience currently ) would probably be hostile and they probably have the real numbers for Doa f2p, tekken f2p and KI and just saw that it wasnt worth it, if Riot really make a FG it would be extremely mainstream and wont even appeal to the FGC folk but rather a broader audience, at least the hardcore part, think of the overwatch of FGs, i personally sure wont even touch it since i cant enjoy any FG that isnt japanese no matter how good it would be, i grew up playing in the arcade and thats how it is and am sure am not the only one

    i dont know what they can do to save the game, they had every freaking star in the universe lined up for a successful sequel to SF4 but they failed miserably on a technical level, its like a runner faling 1meter away from the finish line