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  • Re: The SSJ5 General Thread: E3 happening but Ono doesn't Spirit Bomb

    Ed is probably the worst design of all the cast, bland as shit

    also lol at the move list, no way i can take seriously anyone playing him at high level
  • Re: The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April

    so lets see the new patch :

    Urien players will have to burn 2 brain cells instead of one

    balrog players are partying with lauras

    we're already noticing a noticiable higher amount of suicide rate for ryu players population with a minority switching to ibuki/akuma under drugs

    it is now confirmed that SFV director is a gief main
  • Re: The Street Fighter V Lounge: Kolin is COLD HEARTEEEEEEEEED!

    " your character is shit, pick akuma "

    -~Capcom~- .

  • Re: The Street Fighter V Lounge: Tron Bonne rumored as DLC

    just as expected ryu is complete trash now, how the fuck these changes got even validated is beyond me, like he won evo and cc back to back, wtf nerfing your most iconic character, i can deal with all his nerf, but throw ? come the fuck on, i cant even do anything now, just remove his throw at this point seriously, or better remove him while you're at it, it make so mad that a character that i love and spent so much time working got castrated in one single patch

    i tried akuma for a hour and i couldnt believe how retardedly easy to play he is compared SF4, like every single freaking knockdown lead to a brain dead setup/meaty no matter where you are on the screen

    i want to cry

    /rage off
  • Re: The Street Fighter V Lounge: Tron Bonne rumored as DLC

    so if throw is so much negative, why the fuck would i even try to throw ? and if i dont throw, why my opponent would even try to tech ? and if he does not tech, how do i frame trap/shimmy/pretend to footsies ? they might as well have removed the ability to throw for ryu

    and the dp nerf is retarded, oh look you cant rely on DP for AA now, but you can xx DP ? seriously ? who though this was good need to be fired, i couldnt care less about all those random useless buffs, i knew he was going be nerfed, but this is retared, its not to the point where he's unplayble, and he might even be still viable, but this is not fun, this not the ryu am used to in any SF