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  • Re: I officially quit shoryuken

    I fucking love ketchup. And mayo.
  • Re: Anyone else not buying into the SFV hype??

    In solid 5 bar connections, the SFV netcode does pretty well. But between the shoddy matchmaking and the broken battle lounge browser, those seem to be hard to come by.
  • Re: The official bad teachers thread

    dab00g wrote: »
    She is a teacher who fucked a student she should go to jail for 15 years

    So then you think if a college student has a sexual relationship with a teacher, the teacher should go to jail for 15 years?
  • Re: For pad players - reproducing the Sega Saturn controller.

    Numbski wrote: »
    Don't know if anyone cares about it anymore, with the revival of fight sticks.
    I think this is the big question. Before I switched to a stick, I would have jumped on a quality, universal Saturn pad remake. But now, I can't think of a use for a gamepad. The only systems I still use a pad on are the ones that aren't supported by my stick.

    For preservation sake, it sounds good. But probably not really necessary until things get to a point where Saturn pads are impossible to find.

    What would interest me more is a 360 style of controller with a great d-pad. That is the one flaw in an otherwise great modern gamepad.
  • Re: (SFV) Option Select, How Does It Work?

    Greenwood wrote: »
    Furthermore, some will disagree with me, but I don't even like calling cr. MK into fireball an Option Select. You're not covering multiple options. It's just a 2-hit combo, nothing more.
    It doesn't really matter that you don't like calling it an OS, it is an OS because of how it works. You do cr.MK>fireball and the game decides whether or not the fireball comes out depending on whether or not the cr.MK hits. That is the very definition of an option select. It covers 2 options: throw fireball or don't throw fireball.