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  • Re: why did various users get banned

    I guess the moral of the story is, don't act like a child online if you don't want to be banned.
  • Re: SRK Forums *NOT* closing down at the end of January 2018

    264 replies in this thread in 7 hours makes it seem like there is still a lot traffic here. I don't understand why they are closing it down.
  • Re: a Way to Play MvC2, Cvs2, GGXXAC, etc. again for PC!

    I think this is a great idea, but it's against your server host's ToS to illegally distribute copyrighted material(roms and bios). If this does happen to get popular, then that just increases the odds of them finding out about it and taking it down. Seems like it's doomed from the start, which sucks because I love this idea and what you've done.

    Also your hyperlinks don't work. They just link me back to this thread. Maybe that's an SRK problem though.

    edit: okay I'm going to give my opinion on some of what you've done. First off, the home page is bad. The menu tiles are hard to read and if you don't scroll down then you won't even see them at all. They seem kind of pointless at the moment because most people will click the "get started" button or one of the drop downs at the top. Speaking of "get started," the first step you have if is register for your site. The days of using a forum for matchmaking are going away in favor of discord, so registering on your site seems less than ideal(certainly not something I'd list as the first step)

    On the topic of matchmaking, clicking any matchmaking links sends you to a quake net IRC. I guess that's great that you have the option, but a discord is way better for that. I logged into the IRC channel and it was empty. If I want to play TvC or CvS2 right now, there are people in those already existing discords waiting to go. I think it would be way more useful to just host a list of discords that already exist for each game. If you really care about getting people to play these games online, then that's the best option.

    Another issue is the paths for the emulators. Set the paths to c:\(emulator folder name) and just tell people to extract the folder into c:\ . That would make things way more user friendly for the vast majority of people and not require that they set their paths first thing. If they want to set their own paths, more power to them, but I think most people would rather just download something and just put it in c:\ to make it work.
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  • Re: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)

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    Rhio2k wrote: »
    kedawa wrote: »
    I hope there are some hidden games on there as well. Hyper Street Fighter Alpha would be a welcome addition.

    I was kinda hoping (for like 20 years now) Capcom would give SF3 the same treatment. They did it with the SF2 series, Alpha series, and Darkstalkers series. Pretty much all their big hand-drawn sprite series but ONE. Seriously feels like they're just dropping the ball here.

    Capcom is still bitter about 3S.

    It put their single biggest property in the coffin for nearly a decade

    The game saw TWO rereleases since the original - once as a part of the Anniversary Collection in 2004, second time as 3SOE in 2011, 7 years after SFAC. And now is seeing a third rerelease another 7 years later.

    They're treating this game the worst way possible, like some sort of a stepchild, and only ride off the nostalgia of its characters
    I think you're reading way too much into it. 3S has had a console release for every generation since the DC and is about to get another one. I doubt the heads of Capcom harbor some resentment for one of their products because it didn't do well in the arcades 20 years ago.
  • Re: Want to understand my disconnect with Arcsys games

    OP made this idiotic thread a month ago and bounced. Probably just a salt thread.