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  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Crouching Geezer, Hidden Husbando

    Mike's a bitch.

    Has giant following, leaves, returns randomly, gives following no explanation, when asked acts like a bitch.

    You can't just expect to turn from community figurehead into nothing just because you want to without your fans wanting to know why.

    Bitchmade as fuck, no respect for his fans.
  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Crouching Geezer, Hidden Husbando

    Marvel's roster is ass because it's straight ported half of it's roster and you can see the reused assets within it. No new coat of paint, half of the characters look like shit, and they took out iconic characters from the series like every X-Men character, Doom, and no Wesker.

    DBZF is a brand new game, so we have no prior games to compare it to in terms of roster, the characters look fantastic, and even characters who are usually just made generic in moveset in the other games like Tenkaichi such as 16/Yamcha are incredibly unique.

    Marvel's roster probably wouldn't be considered trash if it was the first Marvel game. But because you can base judgements from prior entries in the series, it's easy to see this is probably the weakest roster of any of them.
  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Crouching Geezer, Hidden Husbando

    500PP would be bronze

    1000PP would be silver

    2000PP would be gold

    2500PP Platinum

    3000PP Diamond

    4000PP Master

    I'd of peaked at master. I'm alright with that.
  • Re: Blizzard Overwatch

    Skullboy wrote: »
    I bought the game

    Everyone else in the world was just handed a copy for free then I suppose.
  • Re: Blizzard Overwatch

    Add a fucking role preference, what do you mean remove matchmaking. It isn't hard to structure your matchmaker without restricting people from every role. At that point though, you have to let people know that yeah, you queuing for DPS without a secondary preference will make you wait longer.

    Jeff also made a suggestion about a party finder, which would be great but still doesn't fix non-6 stack team synergy. You'd need a dominant stack to be able to fill in, so no less than 4 to assure your majority can fill in the gaps for your 2 solo queue players.

    There's a larger majority of non-dumbdumb players who will use that system effectively compared to the few who would preference support and pick a DPS.

    One-tricking works in an environment where you can streamline your role, and when the game isn't dice rolling your queue, one tricking is A-Okay. It doesn't work now because you can't say "I want to play X and only ever play X" to the game, and when there are multiple people that do that in a single game, you get a team with absolutely terrible synergy.

    I'd be less mad if every one trick I've met hasn't been a stuck up cunt.

    Just for an example, we recently met a Junkrat one-trick, we had all locked in and the current comp was a triple DPS without a tank. He locked Junkrat, we were running Genji/Tracer/Widow/Junk without a tank. Considering he was last to lock, I asked him to play any tank, he just said through voice "we win this me on this or not at all." and then muted us for the rest of the game. We later matched up with him again with him on the other team and full held Hollywood and instantly took the attack because he and his duo partner had fucked up yet another team comp. Imagine defending these kind of people in a competitive mode. Lol.

    All you can do is throw your reports, press the mute, and hope you can 5v6.

    To add more thoughts about what I'm saying -

    I'll never play a hero I dislike, or don't have fun with. I won't touch Ana or Mercy because I dislike them, and me not enjoying a hero coincides with me not being that great with them.

    So being purposely linear with your hero pool for your own enjoyment is fine and dandy to me. I have friends who main Mercy/Ana to facilitate my inability to main heal(But when Moira drops I'll have a main healer option). But if you're going to say you only enjoy X character out of Overwatch's entire roster and refuse to play anything else, you better be ready for every team you queue into to report you for poor teamwork and get banned. I queue with people who play from a pool of like 3/4 heroes as their strong picks. Someone above said they only play Rein and Mercy. Nice, you can fill two roles with your hero pool, you won't ever be a detriment to a team. Not everyone is a flex player, and doesn't have to be. But if you're going to defend the type of person who won't switch off of a singular hero when asked by a team, or the type of person who will throw if you take their chosen hero or sometimes just leave the game, then fuck you.
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