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  • Re: Blizzard Overwatch

    And how can Torb/Symm/Hanzo/Widow mains manage to stay at GM level? Everyone knows who they are and what they will play (if they don't they can just hover over their profile before the match begins and see what they play), yet they stay there with pretty decent winrates.
    I can't believe how hard it is to accept that people can be skillful enough to be able to play against their counters in an environment where opponents will rarely have the level of coordination and communication required to deal with unusual picks played well. This is not the pro scene, the six members of your team didn't split beforehand the roles so that they'll be able to counter all situations. They might not have a Pharah player for your Reaper, or your McCree might be better than their Pharah player.
    Just chill and let everyone play what they know best. You might be surprised by the amount of games you end up winning with "suboptimal" comps.

    Stop playing comp if you think this way and play QP
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    Least it won't be a similar adapted story about timebreaker Bardock and those time kai things. Story might have it's own unique touch. She actually looks kinda cool, peak she isn't playable
  • Re: Dragon Ball Fighter Z announced! 2.5D, 3v3 and made by ArcSys

    where am I wrong? where? I explained it or can you not read? As a matter of fact i think its pretty childish to even try to act like I said something I didnt when the full post is still there to read.

    I'm not saying you're wrong, because I know nothing about how this game works. You're just acting like an ass. No need to get uppity every time someone asks something.
    Froztey wrote: »
    calm yourself.

    So that 18 combo could have added things like an extra grab-thingy and a vanish?

    I think in the current build, that any dragon rush(throw) in a combo will knock your opponent down. I think you can also snap back though

    That's fine then, the combos in-game seem to do kind of sub-par damage even with a double assist extension. Hope the super scaling gets toned down just a little bit, it's a 3v3 game after all. Supers should be just a little more powerful.
  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth


    BLESS THE MANDEM @QuixoticNeutral
  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    Having extra weight doesn't bother me much, impacting you so much that you can no longer operate independently is a huge issue though