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  • Re: An Interview with an "A" Rank Guile Player

    Are your videos recorded in VHS quality to give us the authentic 1992 Street Fighter 2 experience?
  • Re: Blanka ULTRA SSF4 Changes

    I screwed around with the Ultra SF4 mod. c.MK is bad, but not as bad as I thought. You can still confirm c.MK, s.LP xx FP ball most of the time, but there are ranges where it simply won't work. Focus Crumple, dash c.MK, s.LP xx FP Ball, or c.MK Ultra works and that's pretty nice.

    c.MK, c.MK hop might be a thing you can do as a mixup that's at least better than jab hop because you can FADC ex up ball. Its not a good mixup, but Blanka never had good mixups in the first place.

    He's going to be stronger overall. The pushback change was and still is COMPLETELY unnecessary but we're talking about a developer that links a 2 frame link into Ultra off SOME confirms would be too good and then adds a charge character with teleports so this is the best we can hope for.