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  • Re: BlazBlue Central Fiction

    Ukio wrote: »
    Tried it at least (deleted Killing Floor 2 :_( )
    There's any way to unlock Susanoo and others or you have to buy them?

    You have to beat story mode
  • Re: Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game

    tataki wrote: »
    Hadoking wrote: »
    tataki wrote: »
    What may prevent me from getting this may be that jump button. If it cant be mapped to UP, Im out.

    It can. You in?

    Also as someone who played the game, if you give the jump button a chance for like 30 minutes, you may even find it more comfortable than UP.

    Why would pressing a different button on the other side of the controller ever be more comfortable than just pressing Up?

    Depends on the scenario. For example air specials are important in this game, so you can either tiger knee them with up~B or by pianoing jump~B. Maybe you'll find the latter more comfortable when trying to get the lowest to the ground execution.

    At the expense of having to use an extra finger than normal for moving. Doesnt really matter anyway since there's an option to change it.
  • Re: KOF XIV General Discussion - Congratulations to ET, the winner of KOFXIV at EVO2017!

    d3v wrote: »
    Hadoking wrote: »
    Is there a reason for there being hitboxea being completely covered up by bigger ones?
    What color? Some of those are pushboxes that define the actual physical extent of the character. Those are the ones that are usually smaller than the hurtboxes.

    The green ones. Like how Leons has two boxes over her, one for her body and one overlapping it on her head.
  • Re: KOF XIV General Discussion - Congratulations to ET, the winner of KOFXIV at EVO2017!

    KensouADV wrote: »
    Just take Maxima for example. In XIII Maxima was extremely barebones, he's missing a ton of stuff, and XIV Maxima isn't any better, he feels like a worse off XIII Maxima to me.

    Then there's Ryo... ugh, they made him so vanilla and boring, he lost all the moves he gained over a decade of being in KOF games.

    A good friend of mine likes to play Chin in 98' and 2k2, but he absolutely loathes the way Chin played in XIII and now XIV.

    I really don't like how alot of characters are based largely on their XIII incarnations or in some cases based on the game where they debuted, they are just missing way too much stuff or their gameplay styles are worse off compared to games like '98 or 2002.

    Then when it all comes down to it, this game is all about being able to cr.B into a BC activate and scoring huge damage. I just think that's really boring game design, and it dictates who the strongest characters are in the game when they have really good cr.B's because they can turn such a tiny fast hit into big damage. It comes way too easily.

    That's not KOF.

    I feel in the older KOF games you had to really work to score damage, but it was so much more rewarding when you pulled it off. Also the grounded footsies and poking game was way better,

    But let's be honest, you can't have another '98 in these days. If people whined so much about zoning in the first few days of XIV, imagine what would they think about proximity unblockables, unblockable projectiles and old KOF-style hitboxes like Chris's j.CD, Goro Daimon stuff and Ralf's far.C.

    Hell, Chizuru gimmicks would probably raise the suicide rate a fair margin.
  • Re: KOF XIV General Discussion - Congratulations to ET, the winner of KOFXIV at EVO2017!

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