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  • Re: Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game

    Ulrik wrote: »
    Skills in games are often represented by chance to succeed. Motions in fighting games work remarkably close to this, the better you get, the higher your chance of executing the move when you need it. Apply modifiers to especially stressfull situations. The better you are, the better the chance of success (all the way up to pros who drop, what, one command in a thousand? Less?) but it's still perfectly matches a model based on rng.

    That would apply to all skills then and would therefore not mean anything of importance.
  • Re: BlazBlue Central Fiction

    Neclord wrote: »
    Hecatom wrote: »
    - When overdrive is being activated, the player is unaffected by outside

    This change here sounds quite dumb imo

    I don't even understand what it means.

    It means that you cant be affected by outside forces. For example, tager cant pull you in during your overdrive startup.
  • Re: Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game

    "Walkspeed increased for all characters....."
    "Except Midori"
  • Re: Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game

    Ulrik wrote: »
    Hadoking wrote: »
    Val is broken apparently? Actually, has anyone even made a tier list ar this point?

    Broken, how?

    Tier list amongts patrons (who are those who plays the most outside the devs, but not necessarily the best players) had Midori and Geiger on top, the rest fairly equal with some claims that Grave was also A+ or that Rook was bottom tier. In the latest build Midori and Geiger got some slight nerfs so for now they're looking pretty balanced.

    I was going off of what the guy in the gamefaqs post said.
  • Re: Fantasy Strike - easy to execute fighting game