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  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    Preppy wrote: »
    Nope. New/SF5 mods have been solid as far as I'm aware. I would prefer not to throw anybody under the bus here. It doesn't matter to you.

    Dunno bro, i think that those who fuck up should be publicly shamed.
  • Re: Are gamers full of negativity? Why are there so many complaints in every game?

    po pimpus wrote: »
    Nick, you my boi... But I will legit dropkick anyone talking about Infinite DLC while using the words "good" and "game"... Two things of which it is neither.

    Game is good tho.

    Some tight ass gameplay for a first iteration game

    will become even better with some tuning that will likely come.


  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    As much as i think that Herpesjam is a shit poster, making a distasteful joke doesn't make him inmediately a pedophile.
    Neither makes it worth of a ban, if that were the case most of GD would have been banned long time ago for shitposting/joking at some point in time.

  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: This thread is the MOST ULTIMATE THREAD!!! Other threads are sexist!!

  • Re: Destiny - Videogame Thread + SRK Clan SignUp

    HNIC Mike wrote: »
    Hecatom wrote: »
    jae hoon wrote: »
    Hecatom wrote: »
    Another thing that i am appalled about D2 is that is amazing how uterly shit is the netcode.
    Also, why in the fucking name of Odin are the npc's and enemies tied to the fucking server?

    Plenty of times i have seen the same shit, where the game fails to either load the npc's at the tower, or load the enemies on the mission, forcing you to leave and try again and see if you have better luck next time.

    Add the considerable chunk of players that keep having connection problems when they go to the tower, with dropping connections every time they go there.
    Shit that Bungie has not yet addressed neither aknowledge.

    Because Activision doesn't do dedicated servers.

    Yet D1 didn't have this problems.

    Hecatom wrote: »
    Kwheelie wrote: »
    I really loved D1 but i held off on D2 and am really glad i did, I knew this shit would be the same shit again...ill leave this here

    downvote me all you want but you know this shit is only D1 done all over again...

    The current state of D2 is way worse than D1 when it launched imo.

    You use that mouth when you kiss penis?

    My bad. I guess it was only insinuated.

    You have to be a massive imbecile to think that something being worse than a previous entry, makes the other one great by default.
    Also nice way of nitpicking what i posted you feggit.
    At least post the whole shit, oh wait, it will undermine your stupid pov.

    Go suck a goat dick and choke with it while you are at it.