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  • Re: Blizzard Overwatch


    Something that i have been thinking about how to help to solve this problem is that you don't lose your ult bar, or at least not entirely when you switch heroes.
    People will be more willing to adapt to the situation if by doing so they wouldn't lose the resources that they have build so far.
  • Re: Fighting EX Layer

    LordxMugen wrote: »
    PVL_93_RU wrote: »
    Reportedly this game has 8 frames of input lag

    God bless the PS4.

    I sound like a broken record repeating this over and over, but...
    This has nothing to do with the ps4.
    It is a problem with how the UE4 works, the inbuild input reader of UE4 is the one that induces this problem, not the fucking console.
    Now, if you do your own input reader module like ASW and NRS does then you wouldn't have this kind of problems.

    There are plenty of games out there that use the UE4 that don't have this problem since they also build their own tools, the same for other games that use other engines.

    The minimum theoretical input delay that you would ever see is 3f, 1f for the control, 1 for the console and 1 for the tv/monitor.
    But usually the norm is that you have like 3.X, since you can't really count fractions of a frame you round it to 4, which is considered the golden number.
    If you have it between 4 and 5 is considered great, 6 is ok and anything from 7 onwards is considered bad.

    Now, the good nes are that UE4 recently got a new release that fixes the problem and reduces the input delay around to 5 and 6.
    The only thing is that is up to the devs to repackage their game on the newer build of UE4 to take advantage of it.
  • Re: Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not...

    po pimpus wrote: »
    Lol no.

    Anyone doubting that Vegeta will learn ultra instinct on this arc is setting themselve for a rude awakening.
  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: Textures are now $4.99. All dialogue is locked behind a $10 lootbox.

    You are trolling. It was the best balanced game in the series upto that point that removed all the bullshit from #Reload, added new toys, and unlike Accent Core didn't need 6+ years to get it right.

    I had to login to laugh at this post. (well, all of the stupidity you posted so far)
    You are seriously delussional if you think that Slash, the game that had tiers ranging from S++ to E was the most balanced iteration of the XX series, more "balanced" than vanilla XX, perhaps, but to think that it was better balanced that AC, L fucking MAO

    Without mention that it messed up plenty of other stuff by adding shit like stricter input buffer and other stuff.
    There is a reason why all the newer moves the chars got were turned into forcebreaks, aka moves that needed meter to be used.

    Also, the rest of your nonsense

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  • Re: Why it's okay for fighting games to be hard.