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  • [NEW BUG Super Street Fighter 2X - GMC] Ryu's Super Hitstun Glitch

    Japanese players have discovered two years ago a glitch about Shinku Hadoken (Ryu Super). This bug can change radicaly match ups if you master it.
    Lets try to be the more clear as possible. P1 is X.Ryu, P2 can be O.Ryu / X.Ryu / O.Ken / X.Ken

    If P1 launches Super in order to counter a Hadoken, everybody expect the Hadoken to be punished and the P2 to receive a deadly 5 hit combo right ?
    Well you all know that sometimes, you can just receive one hit and then block the rest right ?

    It's just because you played O.Ryu / X.Ryu / O.Ken / X.Ken and received before the Super an odd amount of hits ! The Shinku Hadoken is just not block string if it's punishing a Hadoken and if you received an odd amout of hit before this.

    Note : throw doesn't count as a hit and a combo counts as one hit. This has only be tested on 2X boards, not ST boards. Give us your feedback ;)
  • Street Fighter 2 World Map !

    Hi everyone ! I'm Isimorn, french ST player and I've worked on this map ! The objective was to see any location on the map where you can play SSF2X in France, but then I could not stop my self to the borders of France, so it's now a mother fucking World Map ! You will find on this map any location where you can play this serie : Hyper Fighting, Champion Edition, Super, Super Turbo, 2X and HDRemix ! On this map, there are Gamecenters, conventions, rankings, private sessions, minor and major tournaments, etc... any kind of event, anything that can help you play with people face to face near to you !

    But here is my problem : the world is just too big for me and I can't find every locations ! So I need your help here on this forum, any information will be appreciated to complete this world map !

    Super Turbo lives actually a real revival around the world and it needs that kind of support to keep on ! Here is a selection of FB pages about Super Turbo that goes in the same direction of this World Map : gathering people !!

    Thank you for your help !!